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Country: Sweden
Labels: Transubstans Records
Metal Heaven

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Formed in: 1997

1997- Stoner metal
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1997-  Morgan Zocek - guitars, backing vocals
1998-2000  Jani Kataja - bass, vocals
› 2000-  -//- vocals
2000-  Martin Karlsson (IV) - bass, backing vocals
2003-  Fredrik Broqvist - drums, backing vocals
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1997-2003  Tor Pentén - drums
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There is a confession I need to make: I held off on doing this review for far too long. The first reason is I thought I was going to be reviewing the band Sideburn from Switzerland who are nothing more than an AC/DC tribute act. I've actually heard their music a while ago and was very turned off by it. Then I come to find out that this is not the band from Switzerland but the Sideburn from Sweden who play stoner metal. The second reason I held off on this review is because when I finally did hear it I found it so enjoyable it was hard for me to find the proper words for this album. I guess that's a great piece of wisdom for me, never judge an album by its band's name. So for the album itself, I have not had this much fun with a record since Three's The End Is Begun.   Review by Dane Train ››

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