Vision Of Disorder

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Country: USA
Labels: Candlelight Records
Roadrunner Records
TVT Records

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Formed in: 1992
Split: 2002-2008

1992- Hardcore
1992- Metalcore
1992- Punk
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1992-  Matt Baumbach - guitars
1992-  Mike Kennedy - guitars
1992-  Tim Williams - vocals
1992-  Brendon Cohen - drums
1992-  Mike Fleischmann - bass
2015-  Josh DeMarco - guitars

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Yours truly doesn't know much about 1990s metallic hardcore coming out of the East Coast of the USA. It was never popular in Oz and to be honest I've not really ever explored it, save occasional unsuccessful dalliances with Converge and Hatebreed. But whilst I don't know about metallic hardcore, I do know that I really like Vision of Disorder's 1998 bruiser, Imprint.   Review by deadone ››

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