Sabina Classen


1981- Holy Moses - vocals  
1993-2000 Temple Of The Absurd - vocals  

Guest musician

2007 Fall Of Serenity - vocals  
2008 Doro - vocals  
2010 Burden Of Grief - vocals  
2013 Izegrim - vocals  


20.12.2006 Holy Moses

Personal information

Born on: 27.12.1963

Sabina Classen (born December 27, 1963 in Aachen as Sabina Hirtz) is a German thrash metal singer, most known as lead vocalist of Holy Moses and Temple of the Absurd.
In 1981, Sabina joined Holy Moses, where her then-husband Andy Classen was playing guitar, and in 1988 moderated the Heavy Metal television program Mosh. After the break-up of Holy Moses in 1994, she formed the band Temple of the Absurd. The band released two albums and was disbanded in 2000. The same year, Holy Moses was reformed and is still functional. She is one of the first women to use a death growl.