Thiago Bianchi


1999- Karma - vocals  
2007- Shaman - vocals  

Personal information

Thiago Bianchi grew up having as parents Maria Odette ,the well known singer of MPB, João Vitto Colunna, the drummer. So, because of that, obviously, he grew up surrounded by music.

His interest in music started pretty soon, when in 1991 he formed his first band, called Stonehenge. Thiago also was a good designer, and shared his time between the band and agraphic illustration.

He took singing classes with his mom, and later with the well-talented professional singer, Sônia Coraxxa.

He was pretty young, only 16 years-old at the time, and he was still sharing his time between music and his graphic illustration work, even getting himself a real job for Maurício de Souza Produções, he knew his future was music. So in 1999 he formed his first professional band, Karma.

As he decided to pursue that career, Thiago invested on a recording studio, so that Karma could have a place to rehearse and his mom could finish the recordings of her own album. Thiago not only sang, but he also recorded and produced his first album with Karma, 'Inside The Eyes'. The album got many good reviews all around the world, even with it being a 'beginner' job.

From that point on, Thiago never stopped recording. Some time after that he recorded another album together with some of his friends from Karma. The band was called Firesign, and the debut release, 'Top of the Mountain', kept the 7th position of the Japanese charts for a few weeks, enjoying its parcel of a worldwide success.

After some painful years, fighting a serious health problem, Thiago was back with Karma's new release 'Leave Now!!!'.

Later on he was able to finally prove his talent, producing great bands and artists, like , Angra, Tuatha de Dannan, Wizards, Edu Ardanuy, Kiko Loureiro, Kavla, and some international bands like Viúda Negra, Anima Inside, Sam I am and others.

And today, in the apex of his musical career, Thiago says: "I am stronger than ever and ready to face yet another big challenge in my life, to be the lead singer of one of the biggest Heavy Metal bands in the world, Shaman!"