Grave Flowers - Biography



Grave Flowers was formed in December '93 by Matte Andersson as a one man project. The first demo didn´t see the light of day until June '95. The demo contained 3 tracks and had the simple name "Demo-95".

In March '97 it was time to record the second demo and it was then Jason came into the picture as a soundengineer. Three tracks were recorded this time also in a temporary studio (as a matter of fact it´s recorded on a 8 track porta studio) The second demo got the name "Garmonbozia ".

After "Garmonbozia" was recorded Matte took a little rest from Grave Flowers for a while because he felt it needed some improvement. He wasn´t satisfied with the musical performance which was mostly played by him on those demo recordings. He knew that Jason was a very good guitarist so I asked him if he could play the guitar parts and help him out with various things. He accepted his offer.

In Sept '99 Matte had enough songs, so he asked Jason if he could help him out and he had recently bought recording equipment together with his other bandmates. It was a great moment for him to get to know the equipment. They spent 3 weeks in the studio, practically night and day. Seven songs were recorded and Grave Flowers debut album "Solace Me" was born. The German label Serenades Records released "Solace Me" in July 2001 and it was also released as a limited picture LP by Painkiller Records, Belgium.

The contract with Serenades Records was only for one album and it was time to move on.

Now Matte was more pleased with Grave Flowers since Jason played guitar, bass and engineered the whole album, but one thing was still missing, namely real drums. So when it was time to record once again he asked Jason to play the drums, instead of the drum machine they used on "Solace Me". Matte decided to take one burden from him and play the bass himself. In May 2003 had they recorded 3 songs which they used as a promo to get a record deal. After they had finished the recording of the promo Matte realized that he couldn´t do without Jason. Since he has been involved in Grave Flowers since the second demo Matte asked him to become a permanent member and as always with Jason he accepted.

In march-04 Grave Flowers signed a deal with the Finnish label Firebox.

Their second album "Incarcerated sorrows" was recorded in August-04 in a studio called "Speedball" located in their hometown Karlstad. They spent two weeks in the studio, but the drums were already recorded in another studio (Hairy Bones) before they started. On this recording they hired a drummer named Jacob Bäckman, a very tight and skilled drummer. Elena Andersson was also hired to take care of the keyboardplaying.

The album was released by Firebox in the end of march-05.

Grave Flowers was supossed to release one more album through Firebox, but that will not happen due to some complication.