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Retriem - Biography


RetrieM entered Moscow metal music market on the 23rd of February, 2003. During 2003-04 band went through a number of members, performances and preparation of a new album material (recording of the album). In March of 2004 first demo was recorded. The review was the following: "native-power-metal with reasonable demand for the first league. We cannot compare it with any foreign bands, that is in my opinion an absolute advantage. Perhaps, it will be our new power-metal band model, like it happens in Deutschland, Italy and Sweden. I hope so. Let me say some words about the demo.
First of all, the guitars are rather heavy but real, which define the head idea of the music. (And solo was well rendered). I must say, the way they play is a good surprise for me. They don't reinvent "new notes" or "conceptual passages", they are well coordinated and harmonious instead.
About Keys…one cannot avoid keys, but they are used very gentle and competently being softly-softly on background. The front man is really good. Having pretty high pitched voice (but have nothing to do with Italian Farinelli) he does not strain while singing and does not give out an "effect of a March cat".
By the way, all lyrics are in Russian, though I cannot say anything special about it - it is a standard for all power-metal bands.
So to say, lyrics are on a level. Melodies are quite original without any borrowings and excessive boring. i won't mark any tracks 'cause I like all songs. The work is quite firm and qualitative.
In a word, if band will keep it up, there is a great future waiting for them. " It was a promising start. After that Retriem started to perform at the Moscow clubs together with various famous bands. Every time more and more people come to see the band at the concert and after that the fan-club is created. Promoters from different cities were interested in the band. On the 24th October, 2004, Retriem performed in St.-Petersburg. After that promoters of St.- Petersburg and other cities make some more proposals. But band was working at the album "Go to Destiny". So all proposals were postponed for an after-presentation period. At the end of 2004 all the works under the album are completed, mastering was made at the "Black Obelisk" studio. The contract was signed with Metalism Records on December 2004. Presentation took place on March 2005. The new album was out on December, 2004.