On Thorns I Lay - Biography


On Thorns I Lay where formed in 1992 in Athens Greece. The band's first name was Phlebotomy and it changed to On Thorns I Lay together with the release of their first album Sounds of Beautiful Experience in 1995. The founders of the band were Chris and Stefanos who left Greece in 1994 for graduate studies in Romania. Since 1992 many musicians have joined the group but the permanent line up was formed in 2001 when the core members moved back to Greece.

On Thorns I Lay are the absolute melancholic - aggressive metal representatives that always get the full marks for their music creativity and character. Although they exist for more than a decade they successfully manage to release different but equally remarkable albums.

From the summer of 1995 up to now they have released the following albums:
Sounds of Beautiful Experience - 1995 HOLY records
Orama - 1997 HOLY records
Crystal Tears - 1998 HOLY records
Future Narcotic - 2000 HOLY records
Angeldust - 2001 BLACK LOTUS records
Egocentric - 2003 BLACK LOTUS records

Through all these years On Thorns I Lay had live performances together with many great musicians and metal bands such as In Flames, The Gathering, Primordial, Tiamat, Dream Theater, Katatonia, Amorphis.

Today On Thorns I Lay are still playing and creating with the same passion that guided them from the beginning.

Official OTIL biography: http://www.onthornsilay.com