Crystalic is a competent, aggressive, Finnish metal band with a feeling for melody.

Toni Tieaho founded Crystalic in 1998. The band made one demo "Stormwalker" and it was more dark metal vein in those days. The band faded into non-existence in 1999. In the year 2000 Toni, Frank and Arto met each other in a death metal band called "The Prophecy".

After two demos The Prophecy disbanded in 2002 and Jarno, Toni and Arto let Crystalic breath again. Guys from Masterstroke, Niko(guitar) & Janne (drums) were helping them out as session players for a year in some degree. Crystalic recorded "Revitalized" demo with that line-up.

In the year 2003 Matti Johansson (drums) from the old line-up of The Prophecy made a comeback, and the band started wholeheartedly to rehearse the material. Eventually Crystalic completed the "Redemption" demo in July, 2004. The demo got great reviews but no record deal was signed though one label showed interest and offered a deal. In the summer of 2005 Matti decided to leave Crystalic, because of his other band Korpiklaani.

In the fall of 2005 drummer Timo Hanhijoki joined Crystalic. At the same time the band decided to try out a second guitarist to bring out all the melodies and guitar parts in the live performance. Old friend Erik Grönroos was an obvious choice for that task.

Crystalic rehearsed hard for four months and recorded "Carnival Of Flesh" promotional cd in December, 2005. Few labels showed interest and finally Crystalic inked a deal with Thundering/Manitou Records from France.

Crystalic released their debut album "Watch Us Deteriorate" 30th of March 2007 in France and later all around Europe. In August Erik decided to leave the band because of his personal reasons. Replacement came quickly when Mikko Mattila (ex-Dreamtale) stepped to the group and in two weeks Crystalic was ready for action, with full of freshness and more crystal clear than ever!