40 Below Summer - Biography

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Coming from New Jersey, 40 Below Summer delivers a sole and surpassed aggressiveness on their edgy and heavy rock tunes, at the same time supporting it with an indubitable sense of melody. Adjoining puissant metal style inflections and other fiery references, Summer follows the path of other new metal squads. Constituting in late 1998 in New Jersey, Summer first formed by the common initiative of drummer Carlos Aguilar, a Peruvian natural, and of vocalist Max Illidge, after the two first met while playing in a band called Alien. Illidge had a curious show business background, since he made his first TV appearance at the age of 12 as the little boy in the Talking Heads' "Burning Down the House" video clip. Later joining the crew were guitarists Joe D'Amico and Jordan Plingos, along with bassist Hector Graziani. Following the completion of the lineup, Summer began playing regularly, not only in New Jersey, but also in New York. It was also at that time that the crew decided on recording its first demo tape, "Sideshow Freaks." The recording eventually reached No Name Management, a business with heading bands like Slipknot or Fear Factory that, without delay, invited the New Jersey team to sign in. After appearances at several showcases, the band finally settled on signing a deal with the London/Sire Records label. They went on to release their second album with Razor And Tie Records in 2003, selling over 100,000 albums over the two releases.

source : http://www.myspace.com/40belowsummer