Infected Disarray - Biography



Infected Disarray formed in 2000 as a side project of members of various UK underground bands Ed (ex-Detrimentum), Rushy (ex-Gorerotted, Detrimentum), Paul (Brainchoke), Lal (now in DAM) and Steve (ex-7th Child + Gorerotted).

The aim was to create relentless brutal death metal with complex structures.
This line up recorded a 3 song promo in 2001 and then disbanded with Lal and Steve leaving.

The band reformed in 2004 with Tom B and Tom C (both Beef Conspiracy + Twitch Of The Death Nerve) taking over guitar and bass respectively.

Infected Disarray have now completed work on their debut album, 'Disseminating Obscenity' which willl be released in February 2009 by Unique Leader Records.