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Satyrian - Biography




Danse Macabre, a musical journey through darkness, was born when the Belgian Gunther Theys (Ancient Rites) met the Greeks Sotiris ([band]Septic Flesh[/bamd]) and George Zaharopoulos (ex-Rotting Christ) in Athens. In 1995 two songs for a 7' EP were recorded, but soon after that their label went down and the recordings were not released. The project threatened to end even before it had really even started. Gunther kept the idea and the concept still on his mind and in 1997 he luckily found musicians who shared his artistic views.The Finnish Jan 'Örkki' Yrlund (ex-Lacrimosa, ex-Two Witches, ex-Prestige, SinMasters, [band]Ancient Rites{/band]) and the Belgian Raf Corten (ex-[band]Ancient Rites[band]) wanted to continue the Story.

The music was written, lyrics created and an album was recorded in the late '97 in the studio Excess in Rotterdam. The firstborn Totentanz' was released in 1998 through Mascot Records with the two unreleased demo songs from the Greek period as bonustracks. The beautiful female vocals on the song called 'Decline of Romanticism' were performed by Antoinette (Malochia). Jan, being an art-historian, created the visual side of the album.

'Totentanz received excellent reviews around the world.Right after the recordings the trio had become a duo and because of the requests to play live a steady line up was needed. Luckily Jan and Gunther found some talented musicians in Amsterdam; the Dutch Merijn Mol, the drums, the Yugoslavian Miloš Maricevic, the bass and the Israeli Arik Politi, the keyboards were chosen not only because of their musical skills but also because of their devotion to music. Antoinette offered to perform live when needed. Now Danse Macabre live act was a real crossborder happening and it performed live in different European countries.In the year 2000 Danse Macabre found a new home at Hammerheart Records. In May 2001 [band]Danse Macabre[/bamd] entered the Spacelab Studios in Germany (a.o. Everon, Ancient Rites). Merijn and Milos joined the studio-sessions and now a real band feeling was captured on tape.

Gunther experiments with his singing like never before and so various styles can be heard in the lead and the backing vocals. Next to Antoinette´s very emotional voice, we can enjoy Ciara´s talented singing on the female vocals. Jan´s beautiful booklet artwork invites the listener to look deeper into the lyrics and the music. Every painting tells it's own story. The rich colours represent the music.The new album is titled 'Eva' - a tribute to the first woman, a homage to the mother of all mothers. She's the good, the evil, the innocent and...the sinner. The album has received a very good response from both the audience and the music press, making it even to an album of the month (MindView, Belgium). Other rates in the magazines have been very rewarding: 91 / 100 RockTribune (Belgium), 12 / 15 Legacy (Germany), 6 / 6 Hammer (Germany) just to mention a few.

To promote the new album Danse Macabre played shows in many European countries (a.o. The Netherlands, Belgium, Finland, Czech Rep., Portugal...). A new steady keyboard player has been found in Davy Wouters (ex-Oblivion).Now a new release will see a light of day: 'Matters Of The Heart' MCD. Featuring remastered version of 'Danse Macabre' song from 'Eva' album, one unreleased track 'And I Bleed' and three electro/dance/industrial remixes of the songs 'Danse Macabre', 'Oblivion'and 'Trojan Horse'. These remixes are made by TmV, the mastermind behind the Finnish electro/wave band Shade Factory (also known as the label boss of Actcom Records). And that's not all: the MCD features also a multimedia program and a professional video clip of 'Danse Macabre'. As a bonus a 'Making Of…' video has been added on the MCD. The clip features the beauty of Liina (Two Witches) on the female vocals and Jani from Let Me Dream on the keys. The whole MCD is packed in a jewel-case and has an eight-page booklet - again created by Jan Yrlund. -

Than in 2004 band changed name to Satyrian

Satyrian is an international Gothic rock band, combining dark atmospheric lyrics with wave, rock, classical orchestration, piano and heavy guitars.

The story of Eternitas goes back to December 2002, when the band started recording at the Spacelab Studio in Germany. Though, at the time they called themselves Danse Macabre, these were the early days for Satyrian. Recordings started with drummer Merijn Mol (The Dreamside), bassist Milos Marisevic and composer/guitarist Jan "Örkki" Yrlund (ex- Lacrimosa, Prestige, Imperia, Angel, Delain). Piano and some clean vocals were supplied by producer Oliver Philipps (Everon). The band invited Kemi Vita (The Dreamside) as guest vocalist. Judith "Ciara" Stüber also took part in recording; she'd already joined the band for three songs on their previous album Eva.

With a summer tour quickly approaching, the band invited their guests to join them. Guest vocalists Kemi and Judith gladly agreed, and producer Oliver also joined the band for this journey. At this point, the band was nearly complete. All that was missing was a final singer to complete the line-up. This they found in Roman Schönsee (Pyogenesis, The Bloodline, The Dreamside). After rehearsals at Spacelab, the band headed to Finland for the purpose of touring. There, they also shot scenes in Lapland for an upcoming video with director Jari Koskela.

While on tour, the band and guests strengthened their chemistry with one another, and the guests were invited to join the band as full members. With the album still lacking vocals, the band returned to Spacelab Studio in 2004. With all three vocalists experimenting with new sounds, the recordings were truly a creative process. Not only did they lay down the vocals, the band got carried away and recorded new piano, bass and orchestral parts. They also added an extra song to the mix. By June 2004, recordings were complete and the band adopted its new moniker: Satyrian.

In autumn 2005, Satyrian's old record company agreed to the band's request to transfer the album and the band signed a new record deal with Lion Music Records.

Eternitas consists of 12 songs in a wide variety of musical styles. From pure dark rock to danceable industrial beats, folk elements to classical atmosphere, the album runs the gammot of musical tastes. The contrast between the two male and two female voices define the band's sound. The guitar work varies from rock and metal riffing to melodic leads, often combined with piano. The lyrics are dark and atmospheric and offer a close look into deep personal emotions. It's an album about life and death, desire, fear, loss and eternity, the Eternitas.

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