Kells - Biography




The genesis of Kells comes back to 2001.

In 2004, an indie French producer, AVFP production, falls in love with their particular sound called Symphonic Nu-Metal and decides to produce their first album Gaia (2005).

This first album, which strongly drew attention, very quickly imposed the band as the French melodic metal outsider. Kells quickly shares prestigious stages with artists of national and international fame such as Epica, Apocalyptica, Paradise Lost, Gojira, Cradle Of Filth.

In 2008, the band is chosen by Epica to open their whole November French tour.

In 2009, "La Sphère" featuring Candice of ETHS, the first extract from the new album Lueurs, regularly broadcasted on MCM, Virgin17, MTV, places Kells as one of the 30 best metal sells in France.

The band shoots its second video "Avant que tu" also broadcasted on TV channels.

In January 2010, Jano (drums) decides to live new adventures and will say goodbye to the fans during his ultimate European tour with the band. He is replaced by Julien Nicolas (Furia).