Loss - Biography




In October of 2003, four men sealed a pact to create wretched, mournful art, culled from a collective, bleak experience. It was to be a combined vision, encapsulating depression, anxiety, failure, illness, disease, despair, pain, fear and loss, to express what they felt sonically represented the idea of funeral doom.

Rehearsals began that winter, yielding several rehearsal tapes (spread only to close contacts), followed by the recording of Life Without Hope...Death Without Reason, originally released as a demo cassette by Weird Truth Productions, Japan. The overall response was positive, and this recording, along with additional bonus tracks, found its way to an official CD release via Deathgasm Records in 2005.

Next was the recording of two tracks for a split 12" LP with German comrades Necros Christos, namely "The Bare-Backed Burial Of A Torn Angel" and a cover of Goatlord's "The Fog". These tracks were not in the typical Loss style, but served as an homage to the old ways of the metal of death.

Later that same year the track "An Ill Body Seats My Sinking Sight" was written and recorded when the band was asked to participate in a split 7" with French/German comrades Worship, as a tribute to fallen friend Max Varnier, who took his own life. Since this release was severely limited, and the demand for this song so high, it would later be re-recorded for the first full-length album Despond.

After some time spent playing various shows and a short east coast tour with Keen Of The Crow, as well as the recording of the song "(To Pass Away) Death March Towards My Ruin" for the 4-way split release Fo(u)r Burials with comrades Otesanek, Orthodox, and Mournful Congregation, the band began the long journey towards Despond. During this period, the band was approached by Profound Lore Records, and asked to join their roster.

After many years of struggle Despond will finally be released on May 31st, 2011. This march has been long and encumbered with many trials, obstacles and tribulations but the funeral has begun.

(Source: Official website, 16.4.2014)