Digamma - Biography

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Digamma are a Portuguese Rock band out of the southern part of the country. The band has been around for a few years but only 2011 has brought a consolidated lineup and their debut album "Guidance". The band of 5 members are usually classified as a heavy rock project, with elements of metal and rock-pop mixed in. With a unique sound, most people identify various unusual combinations of influences and soundscapes within the bands' tracks. From soul to blues, bossa nova to metal. One of the bands best abilities is that they are able to create addictive, easy to listen to, sing-a-long passages among the rock and metal grooves, giving all their songs huge potential. Over the years, the band, live shows being one of their strong points, has always brought a great energy to the stage all over the country. With one official video clip in their resume, the bands immediate plans are to tour the country on their "Guidance" tour, release a video clip of one of the tracks off the new album, and hopefully soon start touring outside of the country!