Inverloch - Biography




Since the demise of Australia's Disembowelment in 1993, a void has formed for that band's epic blend of slow atmospherics and blasting brutality. Few have succeeded in channeling this legacy, until Melbourne's Inverloch (featuring 2/4 of the legendary Disembowelment) took the global stage in the late 2000s.

In 2012, Inverloch released their debut EP Dusk | Subside, a crushing release featuring bursts of pounding blast beats that erupt out of tranquil soundscapes. Inverloch deftly follow up on the sound & feel that Disembowelment first trademarked in the early 1990s and take it into 2016 with their own, cold, brutal sound & style. The band played their first-ever show at the legendary Roadburn Festival in The Netherlands, and have been lauded worldwide by renowned publications such as Decibel and Terrorizer, the latter of which stated that Inverloch "[push] the boundaries of heaviness beyond their breaking point."

Now Inverloch are set to return in 2016 with one of the most anticipated full-length debuts the metal underground has seen in years. The band has created another masterpiece with Distance | Collapsed, a 5 song, 40-minute LP of absolutely pummeling death/doom that Decibel Magazine has named one of the top 20 most anticipated albums of 2016. Buzzsaw death metal riffs and bowel-splitting vocals mix alongside earth-shaking dirges and blasting percussion, all wrapped together in a haunting yet beautifully dreadful atmosphere. With Distance | Collapsed, Inverloch prove that they are one of the finest bands making extreme music today.