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Evereve - Tried & Failed lyrics


01. Thighs Wide Shut - Overture

Thighs Wide Shut - Overture


02. Tried & Failed

Tried & Failed

I'm still pretending
I'm still with you
I'm in the eye of the storm
I'm still longing for your taste
Please release me, I'm with you
Dark is the season
Dark is the sky
Burned the bridges one by one
Voices turning in my head
Soon I will break
'Cause I tried and I failed
There's nothing left I can call my haven
A travesty we create together
We rose and we fell
This pain inside me will last forever
You're still pretending
You're still with me
You're the best friend of mine
Empty bottles on the floor
Please release me, I'm with you
I keep on standing
Keep on pretending
What I used to be - Bring me down
I keep on fighting on and on
Uphold the fallacy - Down to you
I keep on lying, keep on denying
But I feel I can't take it no more - Bring me down
I'm still pretending...

03. You're Mine

You're Mine

Maybe crimes must be done
Your fallen prophet's on the run
Surrender to your deepest rage
Celebrate the dying age
For I am the scar in you
All is done - is done for the best
For I am the crack in you
All is done
You adored me
You called for me
Licked your wounds just for me
As light began to fade
Anxiety prevailed
I destroyed you - I am your blood
Broke your wings in two - I am deep within
Penetrating you I embraced you - I am your flesh
Took your breath away from you - I'm in your dreams
Suffocating you
You belong to me
You're mine
Maybe you just wonder why
Is all I told you worth the price?
Trust me, I will show you bliss
Caress you with my poisoned gift
I betrayed you
I mislead you
Still I hold you
Anxiety prevails

04. A Scornful Love

A Scornful Love

Scorn has come when affection has gone
A serpent queen with a filthy crown
Cover me with your scarlet tongue
Believe me, my dear
I won't let you down
Purified by supremacy I bleed
The urge to overcome this loss - save me
Those who always hunt for infinity - save me
Will be the ones on the cross
A scornful laugh remains
I can't forgive
A scornful laugh remains
I can't forget
Today is the day...
Truth is nothing but the knife in my hands
An empty look, the will to proceed - save me
The party is over when the music ends - save me
How can it taste so sweet
Today is the day
Our dreams come to an end
I share my tragedy with you
Today is the day
A scornful laugh remains
I share my tragedy with you
Now suffer with me
Scorn has come when affection has gone

05. Desire


Look inside me
Stare into the void
The blooms of weakness I have shattered
A broken pride lies in this broken glass
A crystal shiver
I'm starving, starving
Dance with me for the last time
Betray me like before
Sing with me for the last time
It's all about desire
Beneath the hollow
There's no will to fight
The ashen fragments of indulgence
I can't talk, I can't move
I'm out in the cold
I'm starving, starving
This misery we call our life
This senseless struggle deep inside
This paranoid disloyalty
It's all about desire
I conquered my Eden
But it was only for the blink of an eye - We've gone too far
You say you never wanted to hurt me
Always by my side
As we climbed up to the sky - We touched the sky
Betray me one more time
It's all about failure...

06. Pine Oil Heaven

Pine Oil Heaven

Sometimes I remember teardrops falling from the sky
Like silent screams of famished memories
Howling in the night
Sometimes I destroy splendour by my own despair
I stay awake 'til morning breaks
Hopelessly gasping for air
Again I recoil - On and on I roam
With my back against this blood red soil
This is heaven - But I'm not sanctified
Pine Oil Heaven
Sometimes I'm ashamed of myself, of my own dismay
I open my mouth and preach forgiveness but I'm the one to blame
Sometimes I take love for granted, room without a view
My hand gets lost in glowing darkness, reaching out just for you
Again I seek - On and on I roam
The blemished roots of my conceit
This is heaven - But I'm not sanctified
It's my heaven
Pine Oil Heaven
On and on I roam
On and on I seek
Sic transit gloria mundi!
It's ironic

07. I Am Not Afraid (Of Losaing You Again)

I Am Not Afraid (Of Losing You Again)

There's a demon inside of me
It is buried in my heart
It's a need unsatisfied
Right now it is lying in wait
Right now it is tearing me apart
This addiction to delight
When I'm left here all alone
When there is nothing to see
There is no turning back
I feel pity for myself
For all my unconscious guilt
I reveal my frailty
Time heals nothing
I'm not afraid
I'm not afraid of losing you again
I'm neither grateful nor am I giving up to you
There's a frown, a perfect reproach
That is still imprisoning me
In your alabaster walls
It's impossible to fly
When you clip someone's wings
And push him on the ground
I'm not afraid of leaving you again
I' m really sorry
But I never ever needed you
Only bad dreams come true
They do!
My lips move but I hear no sound
My legs tremble 'cause I lost the ground
The king is dead, long live the king
You wouldn't think about rain in spring

08. Anima Sola

Anima Sola

I'm a sinner but I know
The skin is often harder than the core
I hold on
Contemptousness will follow me...
No more will the glory of grotesque
Adorn your lifeless limbs
Like an eerie arabesque
Locked in you
Anima Sola - World keeps turning
Anima Sola - World keeps burning
So burn for me / burn with me
I'm a servant of your grace
Captivated in sobriety
Why am I crawling further on?
In apathy
It's been too many words and too many lies
It's been too many years without being alive
It's been a long long road, never reaching the end
Too many wasted moments
No more will I be pushed again into your golden cage
No more will I lay my arms around your bait

09. On Thin Ice

On Thin Ice

Do you accuse me for my deeds?
Do you think I am just a hypocrite?
A man of contradictions I am
If everything is possible
Seize the day without regrets
A man of contradictions I am
I'm deep in your feelings - I'm breathing, breathing...
I'm deep in your thoughts - I'm bleeding, bleeding...
I'm deep in your body - I'm breathing, breathing...
I'm deep in your heart - you
I won't go away
It's the rotten kiss
Of paradise - the scent of fear
It's how you feel
When you walk on thin ice
For the first time of my life
Devotion is a sacrilege
A man of contradictions I am
Though everything is possible
We're nothing more but cynical
"Per aspera ad astra" astra?
It's the guilt you see
In lovers' eyes - the hand of fate
It's how you feel
When you walk on thin ice
So dine me and wine me then 69 me
And redefine me
Again and again and again and again and again
As best as you can

10. Hide From Me

Hide From Me

I saw merciful deceivers in the shadow of death
They cannot break the chains
I saw consecrated mourners in the shape of a cross
Taking part in the game
It's just a game we're playing - I can't find you
Like fools we're playing - I look for you, where are you?
Despite all swearing
You made away
Why do you hide from me?
What has become of my belief?
Who'll be the one to set me free?
Why do you hide from me?
I saw admirable dictators trying hard to maintain
The burning veil of time
I saw beautiful avengers in black limousines
Saw them struggling in vain
It's more than betrayal
Much more than betrayal
Be careful what you pray for
'Cause you walked through that door
It's just a game

11. Thighs Wide Shut - Reprise

Thighs Wide Shut - Reprise


12. Forsaken


You used to control me
No more than a puppet on a string
You used to behold me
Writhing down on the ground
Destiny is a waste of hope
Pardon my compassion
A pathetic man in a pathetic world
Each night - another needle in my skin
So look into my eyes
I'm forsaken
Let my spirit receive the light
You used to exploit me
No more than a face in the crowd
You used to terrify me
For the sake of delusion
Come with me, don't leave me now
In liquid neon chaos
Thorns of joy ignite my veins
Each day - another needle in my skin
I'm blind - Let your sterile harvest
Be reduced to dust
No faith - Let your false messiah
Testify his lust
I'm blind - When your shallow wastelands
Are redeemed by the tide
No faith - Hear the crimson choir
"Let there be light!"
Collapsing, misleading, no shelter, I'm freezing
Raising my shadows, my ruins are hallowed
You used to control me...

13. Before Sunrise

Before Sunrise

Before sunrise
All fears will drown in my eyes
Before sunrise
The earth will devour my cries
And I will feel an ease
I'm godless, I'm blind
I am the king of depravity
I am the slave of decay
Now insanity / serenity is closing in
I'll go my way
It's time to leave...
Before sunrise
This pleasant fiction of mine will be vaporized
Before sunrise
A deathwish will capture my mind
I'm godless