Incapacitate - March To The Death

Thrash/Grind 31.07.2012

Just CLICK HERE and enjoy.

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Mr. Doctor

Triggerman - Hail To The River Gods

Rawk 26.07.2012

Whiskey and beer drenched hard rawk party tunes with plenty of balls and swagger. Party on.

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A Forest Of Stars - A Shadowplay For Yesterdays

Unique Atmospheric / Avantgarde Black 24.07.2012

Maybe, maybe, more accessible than their previous two offerings, yet still completely unique, A Forest Of Stars didn't disappoint at all with this new gem of an album.

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Merrimack - The Acausal Mass

black 19.07.2012

Take a drink. Another French black metal band, another great release. Not as wistful as Alcest, not as out there as Deathspell Aus Nord, this is closer to good old raging and dissonant black metal. A release worth looking into.

Master - The New Elite

Death 17.07.2012

This is nothing but brass tacks, to the point, down your pint, grab-your-pool-stick-and-start-smacking-people-with-it straight-forward DM.

Black Pyramid - Black Pyramid II

stoner doom 12.07.2012

Black Pyramid's II is a happy trippy fun stoner doom jam record reminiscent at times of some of Cathedral's groovier, more upbeat tunes.

Pictured - Strand Of Time

Melodeath 10.07.2012

Not reinventing any wheels here, just a wide variety of different takes on melodic-extreme metal combined into a homogenous, well executed mixture.

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Doc Godin

In The Silence - A Fair Dream Gone Mad

Atmospheric / Progressive Metal 06.07.2012

Whoa! Where did this come from?!

What In The Silence have managed to achieve with this, their self-financed & independently released debut is nothing short of remarkable. The beautiful yet haunting atmosphere, intricate songwriting & talented musicianship displayed throughout this album will leave you spellbound. This may well just be one of the best debut albums of the year. A must for all fans of progressive metal.

Go check them out.

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Frequency Drift - Laid To Rest

Prog 05.07.2012

This will have been the most beautiful prog album you have heard so far this year. Outstanding and beautiful female vocals, haunting melodies, harps, violins, flutes, and theatrical - nay, cinematic - delivery. Frequency Drift have some stunning song writing and arrangement skills. Now, excuse me, I have to go see them live. Adieu!

Check the first track here!

The Mars Volta - Noctourniquet

Experimental schizophrenic heavy rock 03.07.2012

And now for something completely different. It is simply the combustion of great ideas and forward-thinking execution. The weirdness is addicting, the electronic volts are fiery and the dreamy voice is the icing on the cake. There is nothing wrong with tasting something a little bit different.

Orphaned Land - The Road To Or-Shalem

Progressive Folk Metal 29.06.2012

A real eye-opening performance from an honest band trying to bring people together through music we love. What's not to like?

ReinXeed - Welcome To The Theater

Power metal 28.06.2012

Swedes ReinXeed are on their fifth album now, and Welcome To The Theater has the added gimmick that each song is about a famous film. Straightforward and solid power metal, a seemingly rare thing these days. Check out their awesome song "Temple Of The Crystal Skulls" here!
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Baz Anderson
Susan, GT

Black Breath - Sentenced To Life

Death 27.06.2012

A fast, dirty, scuzzy, dirty, tooth-shattering fist to the face.

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Incoming Cerebral Overdrive - Le Stelle: A Voyage Adrift

Dunno 23.06.2012

Technical, sludgy, avantgarde, and even atmospheric at times. Unconventional, yet captivating music that's for sure.

Bandcamp is your friend
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Ag Fox
BloodTears, !J.O.O.E.!, Mr. Doctor

Headspace - I Am Anonymous

Prog rock / metal 15.06.2012

This album is pretty huge. For starters it features Wakeman legacy, Adam Wakeman on keyboards to be precise - it's in the family. More to the point, though, the vocals are provided by Damian Wilson, one of the most talented singers in the genre. And that matters! I Am Anonymous is complex, technical, multifaceted, deep lyrically, and perfectly executed. A solid prog meal with a djenty aftertaste. This is simply one of the best prog albums released so far this year.

For album preview head here!

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