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12.06Holy Blood - New Album Out Soon
 Falconer - New Album Is Done
 In Vain - Enter The Studio In July
 Scar Symmetry - New Album Streaming Online
 Axxis - Drummer Leaves Band
11.06Equilibrium - Album E-Card Online
 Fueled By Fire - New Song Online
 Iced Earth - New Album Update
 Raunchy - New Album Available For Streaming
 The Eternal - New Bass Player Announced
 Eisbrecher - New Album Coming Up
10.06Lanfear - New Album Detalis
 Download Festival - To Attempt World Record
 Silent Force - New Album On The Way
 Krisiun - New Song Online

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Holy Blood - New Album Out Soon

Ukrainian Metal band Holy Blood have posted the following message on their MySpace:

"The new Holy Blood CD "The Patriot", will be available on Tuesday the 30th of June. The group will release it at Cornerstone exclusively that first week. Watch for it at your favorite online site. All pre-orders will ship as soon as the band gets back from the festival."

"The Patriot" tracklisting:

01. In The Night Gloom
02. War For The Human Soul
03. The Patriot
04. Wind Of Death
05. Thirst To Live In Freedom
06. Well Tried Faith
07. Blood Of Christ
08. Meeting The Sunrise
09. Wind Of Death
+ The Patriot

A trailer for the album can be watched here.


Band profile: Holy Blood
Posted: 12.06.2008 by Hobbit Viggo | Comments (1)

Falconer - New Album Is Done

Swedish metallers Falconer have completed work on their new album, entitled "Among Beggars And Thieves", at Andy La Rocque's (King Diamond) Sonic Train Studio in Varberg, Sweden. 13 songs were mixed during the sessions, including two bonus tracks for the LP's first edition.

"Among Beggars And Thieves" cover] tracklisting:

01. Field Of Sorrow
02. Man Of The Hour
03. A Beggar Hero
04. Vargaskall
05. Carnival Of Disgust
06. Mountain Men
07. Viddernas Man
08. Pale Light Of Silver Moon
09. Boiling Led
10. Dark Ages
11. Skula Skorpa, Skalk
12. Dreams And Pyres
13. Vi Sålde Våra Hemman
+ Music Video

According to the band: "The video for the song "Carnival Of Disgust" has been recorded, edited and exceeded the expectations. The main parts of the video was shot at the medieval Vadstena castle on a windy and cold April day."


Band profile: Falconer
Posted: 12.06.2008 by White Winter Sun | Comments (5)

In Vain - Enter The Studio In July

Norway's In Vain have issued the following update on their MySpace page:

"The song writing process are done and we're 90% done with the lyrics. Once again we will enter DUB Studio in our hometown Kristiansand and have booked it for two months starting 1 July. All recordings will be done in DUB studio and for the mixing we have different options that will be consulted as the process goes on..

Now, we just hope to get together and practice a little the time that's left before the recording starts.. We aim at a playing time of 55 min, but most likely it will be over 60 min this time as well.. More info on song titles, music, etc to come.. "


Band profile: In Vain
Posted: 12.06.2008 by SlaytallicA | Comments (4)

Scar Symmetry - New Album Streaming Online

Swedish metallers Scar Symmetry's latest album, "Holographic Universe", can now be streamed in its entirety at the group's MySpace Page.

01. Morphogenesis
02. Timewave Zero
03. Quantumleaper
04. Artificial Sun Projection
05. The Missing Coordinates
06. Ghost Prototype I (Measurement of Thought)
07. Fear Catalyst
08. Trapezoid
09. Prism and Gate
10. Holographic Universe
11. The Three-Dimensional Shadow
12. Ghost Prototype II (Deus Ex Machina)

"Holographic Universe" is scheduled for release in Europe on June 20, 2008 and in North America on July 8, 2008 via Nuclear Blast Records.


Band profile: Scar Symmetry
Posted: 12.06.2008 by Thryce | Comments (2)

Axxis - Drummer Leaves Band

Drummer Andrè Hilgers has left the band, as an update on the official Axxis website states:

Andrè Hilgers (drums) and Axxis will go different ways by mutual agreement. Andrè will concentrate his full energy on Rage in the future. We wish him the greatest success out there and we want to say: thanxx for all! We're sure that we all will hear a lot of positive things in the future from Andrè.

Bernhard: "Andrè is a great person and a super drummer. He would earn to reach the top-ten list of the best drummers in Germany. We will miss him."

Harry: "We wish Andrè all the best for his future and we're looking back on wonderful 4 years in a successful time."


Band profile: Axxis
Posted: 12.06.2008 by Baz Anderson | Comments (2)

Equilibrium - Album E-Card Online

An e-card for Equilibrium's new album entitled "Sagas", is available at this location.

"Sagas" will be released on June 27th via Nuclear Blast.


Band profile: Equilibrium
Posted: 11.06.2008 by SlaytallicA | Comments (12)

Fueled By Fire - New Song Online

Fueled By Fire have posted a rough mix of their brand new song called "Atomic Attack". You can hear the new song at the band's official MySpace.


Band profile: Fueled By Fire
Posted: 11.06.2008 by SlaytallicA | Comments (2)

Iced Earth - New Album Update has posted the cover art Link] for the band's forthcoming full-length studio album, "The Crucible Of Man (Something Wicked Part II)" which continues where their 2007 release, "Framing Armageddon (Something Wicked Part I)" left off. "The Crucible Of Man" features the return of frontman Matt Barlow who was Schaffer's original voice of choice to introduce the "Something Wicked" saga back in 1998 as a trio of songs which concluded their album, "Something Wicked This Way Comes".

While the 1998 album provided a general overview of the story Schaffer has been conceptualizing for well over a decade, the saga is being fully brought to life with the release of the back-to-back conceptual albums "Framing Armageddon" and "The Crucible of Man". While both albums provide answers to mysteries the previous releases would create, the timeliness of the story in today's world is guaranteed to keep people thinking and guessing. Schaffer's ability to convey the central themes and events of the story without always revealing exactly "why" characters' decisions are made and "how" events come to pass, will keep fans of the saga coming back as future mediums for the "Something Wicked" storyline are revealed.


Band profile: Iced Earth
Posted: 11.06.2008 by White Winter Sun | Comments (15)

Raunchy - New Album Available For Streaming

Raunchy's entire new album entitled "Wasteland Discotheque", is available for streaming at the band's official MySpace.

"Wasteland Discotheque", which was recorded in Jacob Hansen's Studios, will be released on June 16 in Denmark, June 30 in the rest of Europe and July 7 in the U.S. via Lifeforce Records.

01. This Blackout Is Your Apocalypse (Intro)
02. Somewhere Along The Road
03. The Bash
04. Warriors
05. Straight To Hell
06. Welcome The Storm
07. Wasteland Discotheque
08. Somebody's Watching Me
09. A Heavy Burden
10. To The Lighthouse
11. Showdown Recovery
12. The Comfort In Leaving


Band profile: Raunchy
Posted: 11.06.2008 by SlaytallicA | Comments (0)

The Eternal - New Bass Player Announced

The Eternal has issued the following update:

"We would like to welcome Dave Langlands to the band as our new bass player. We just played our first show with Dave in Sydney and he did a great job. Dave is from New Zealand and has been active in the local scene for many years. Dave moved to Melbourne to work on various musical projects and we were lucky enough to bring him into the ranks of The Eternal. For our Melbourne fans we hope to be announcing a home show soon, so expect to see Dave and the rest of us shortly."

Band profile: The Eternal
Posted: 11.06.2008 by abattoir | Comments (0)

Eisbrecher - New Album Coming Up

The following message was posted by band:

"Eisbrecher have reached the finale hot phase of their topically record production. One and a half years after the successful publication from "Antikörper" with the stage hit "Vergissmeinnicht" their next strike will be called "Sünde":

The third Eisbrecher-Album will be released on 26th of August (in America - Germany 22nd of August). Until then the single "Kann Denn Liebe Sünde Sein" (11th July, 2008 only Germany) will give an exititing foretaste to the upcoming album!

Alexx and Pix promise a sombre-coloured dance of dark-rocking ice-pearls to their fans: Album III will be the darkest and hardest album so far. Faithful to the motto: Filigree-but-through-breaking! Hard but however warmly!


Band profile: Eisbrecher
Posted: 11.06.2008 by ArtiA | Comments (0)

Lanfear - New Album Detalis

Lanfear have posted the followind update:

"It's official now! Our new album is titled "X To The Power Of Ten"! It will be relased on July, 25th in North America and Europe by Locomotive Records. Never before did we work that hard on our songs, the arrangements and the production and never before did we have to fight that many uphill battles to get everything done. Now finally we're in the fortunate position to say it was worth the blood, sweat and tears.

We also signed a contract with Tasmanian Devil Publishing and the guys already work on some pretty interesting things to come. A big sorry to our fans for the long waiting time and thank you for your continued support. We also want to thank our management Intromental for doing a great job. There'll be some earcandies for you within the next few weeks. Currently we're busy with the organization of our release party, more on that soon... "X To The Power Of Ten" is our personal statement to the metal scene in 2008 - be with us!"

Band profile: Lanfear
Posted: 10.06.2008 by SlaytallicA | Comments (2)

Download Festival - To Attempt World Record

The Download Festival to take place in the spiritual home of rock Castle Donington that is set to kick off this Friday, is about to attempt the world record for "the Most People Made Up As KISS".

The message on the festival website reads:

"We have joined forces with FACE, the official body of face-painters who are providing at least of 20 professional face-painters in order to achieve our goal! - We hope to be able to set a record for over 400 faces painted within 3 hours.

Face painting by our accredited painters is FREE, please don't do your own make up - remember - in order to break the record, we can only accept faces painted by FACE members. Expert face paint makers, Mehron, are very kindly sponsoring the attempt by providing all the necessary paint...


Event: Download Festival 2008
Posted: 10.06.2008 by Baz Anderson | Comments (11)

Silent Force - New Album On The Way

German metallers Silent Force have issued the short following update:

"Hey everybody, just a short update from the Silent Force camp. Alexander Beyrodt is having a very creative run and wrote 11 songs during the last 2 weeks for the next album. The material is very promising and will show once more how much potential Silent Force has."


Band profile: Silent Force
Posted: 10.06.2008 by White Winter Sun | Comments (3)

Krisiun - New Song Online

Brazilian metallers Krisiun have updated their MySpace layout and posted a new track, entitled "Combustion Inferno", which is part of their upcoming album, "Southern Storm", that will be released on July 21st by Century Media Records.

"Southern Storm" was once again recorded at Stage One Studios in Borgentreich, Germany with producer Andy Classen (Tankard, Rotting Christ, Dew-Scented), who previously worked with the band on "Conquerors Of Armageddon" and "AssassiNation".


Band profile: Krisiun
Posted: 10.06.2008 by White Winter Sun | Comments (0)

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