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Anders Friden reports Schaffer's rude behaviour

IN FLAMES vocalist Anders Fridén has slammed ICED EARTH mainman Jon Schaffer over comments Schaffer made during ICED EARTH's 2002 North American tour, which featured IN FLAMES in the support slot.

"I have fucking little love for a certain guy in that band," Anders Fridén told Sweden's premiere rock/metal magazine Close-Up for its March issue, referring to Shaffer. "I'm not the kind of person who talks shit about people but this isn't bullshit, for that matter expose someone . We supported ICED EARTH in the U.S. and did amazing well. We got a really great response and the rest of the band were cool was upset, I guess. It ended with him calling us 'spoiled European pussies,' saying that I was a fucking rock star and a lot of other things. I'm fucking far from being a rock star, so I didn't feel guilty, but it was weird how he could make us out to be 'spoiled European pussies.' There were lot of complaints , and our part of the stage was getting smaller and smaller, even though we'd sold out some of the venues before on our own. I could barely stand by the mic stand, that's how tight it was between the drum set and me. Then his statements, which are pro-America, to say the least. He talked shit about Swedes and Europeans in front of us and the other support act JAG PANZER, whose drummer is of Swedish descent. The drummer said 'What are you saying? I'm half Swedish,' to which responded, 'Yeah, but you've lived in America for a long time, so we're not talking about you.' I've gotten along with everyone we've toured with, and I didn't think it was , even though we had differences of opinion, but is the only person on this planet that I can't stand."


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ICED EARTH Guitarist In Suicide Bomber Scare!

ICED EARTH guitarist Ralph Santolla demanded to be let off a flight to England earlier today (March 17) after he spotted two fellow passengers behaving strangely while boarding the plane. The following is Ralph's detailed account of the whole experience, as provided exclusively to BLABBERMOUTH.NET:

"OK. First of all, let me say unequivocally that I am not a racist. I have three Moroccan-Arab nieces, and more than a couple of Muslim family members (I'm Catholic).

"I was leaving today for the Manchester/Liverpool area of England to work on mixes for my modern rock/metal project, STARE. At the gate in Tampa, there were two Arab dudes getting on the plane. The three of us were at the end of the line boarding. One guy was dressed in a suit, the other like a college student. They were acting (?) like they didn't know each other. They seemed very nervous. About four elderly folks got in between the two guys. I noticed that the guy next to me, the one in the suit, had, at a minimum, his hands and wrists shaved. I thought that was weird, in a disturbing kind of way (shaving one's body hair is a religious obligation often observed by would-be suicide bombers so that they are 'clean' before entering heaven). They both noticed that I was watching them closely. The college-looking guy kept looking back and making eye contact with the other guy and then looking away. When we got on the plane, the guy in the suit turns out to be a pilot getting a free ride of the jumpseat in the cockpit. After the other guy looked around making eye contact with me several times, as if to see if I was still keeping an eye on them, I called the flight attendant. I told him there was something not right about these guys, and I wanted off. They had to bring the jetway back out to get me off the plane! The airline will let me use the same ticket on Friday, but I was pretty spooked!"

ICED EARTH will kick off a U.S. headlining tour with CHILDREN OF BODOM and EVERGREY on April 18 in Cleveland, Ohio.

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The Great Deceiver's new album is coming...

The Great Deceiver are poised to release their second full album for Peaceville - "TERRA INCOGNITO". Recorded at Dug Out Studios in Uppsala and produced by Daniel Bergstrand, this album packs a mean punch and is unleashed on APRIL 12TH. There is also a promo video for the track "Lake Of Sulphur" directed by PATRIC ULLAEUS which will be an enhanced feature on the album. A stunning follow up to "A Venom Well Designed" - their much talked about debut!!

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Cradle Of Filth: Studio Update

CRADLE OF FILTH bassist Dave Pybus has posted the following studio update on the band's official web site:

"Recording of the last few songs has gone amazing. Playing very tight, as a band in the studio should, making the stand out track on the album well worth the battle to arrange at the end. Regardless of three amps blown up, we can now see light at the end of the tunnel. People here have mentioned more than once the words 'Ghosts', 'Jinx' and... 'Bollocks'. Sounds changing for no reason. Tuning problems. More amp problems. Takes hours sometimes to get things back to where they were before. Keyboards are now starting to go onto the tracks late at night. Martin refuses to play before midnight as he demands a very grim atmosphere in the studio. Reminds him of being 'down the pit'. Simple... but effective. Paul and James have added extra guitars over this weekend. Mapped out parts for the choir which we will record soon (probably in the studio 'cos there's no way they'll let the band in the local church) when Martin completes the scoring, which is quite a big job in itself. Gives the songs such a different direction than just drums, bass and guitars. It's nowhere near equalized on the desk but sounds huge. We always get very excited when Rob turns it up on the big speakers for us to listen back to. Catsfield massive innit!

"This week we got drums to do on like 3 songs and that's it for Adrian. I got bass tracks done on 9 songs already. The guitars I've been using is my Maverick 5 string, Ibanez and Fender Precision (4 string USA model). All Black of course! We've been visited over the last few days by Anny of Line 6 who interviewed Paul for their website. Check that out later this week. Vocals for Dani will also start at the end of this week. Sarah is now back in the U.K. and will be recording her parts soon as well.

"Other crazy shit going on at the studio? Well, since the BB guns have been banned from this session we have devised studio challenges consisting of me eating the hottest curry available to humanity. Adrian attempting to eat 10 big Macs. Studio engineer Dan was turned into an old man by having his head shaved like a monk. James wasn't allowed to shave his beard for the first 4 weeks. Dani's challenge will see him attempt to eat 100 bags of Space Raiders (if we can find them?). Rob's challenge is to finish the album on time hehe! More being devised as we speak. It's all tame stuff really as we are just too busy this time to fuck about too much. You'll get to see all the best stuff on the DVD we are filming for at the moment which will be a future release. The competition will hopefully be ready for next week."

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Producer Recorded Over Parts On MEGADETH's "Risk"

MEGADETH mainman Dave Mustaine posted the following message in the group's official forum earlier today:


"Well, the 'lil 'vaca' was good, although I couldn't stop thinking about what I had to do when I got back to the zone. It felt like a homecoming going back to the studio. All the team was there and 'TNP' is done.

" 'Peace Sells' was sent off for mastering yesterday, along with two bonus tracks and an additional track for later use in 2006 (I know, it seems like an eternity until then).

"Newsflash: While working on 'Risk' yesterday, I was very surprised and disappointed to see the album split open, guts and all and that Dann Huff had recorded over some of my parts. There were sounds on there that I know were not recorded while I was around. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

"I love 'Risk' and all of the music on it, I stand by it, and once I got over the fury yesterday, I got to work.

"The first song done is 'Breadline' and it is awesome now. I also looked for the lead solo that Marty put down, but Dann never kept it. And for those of you who were wondering about that whole saga, Dann and Bud Prager AND Mike Renault had made clear they wanted it redone. I just did what I was told to do.

"Although, now that I found out Dann redid my parts, I am surprised he didn't redo Marty's parts too. Shit, maybe he redid my part of redoing Marty's part.

"And to all this I say, 'WGAF?'

"It is going to be better, that's all I care about, but I had to give people something to chew on until the next, 'Where's so and so,' or 'Get back you know who,' or 'Dave vs. James vs. Rowan Atkinson vs. . .' thread appears. Jeez!

"And BTW, the reason I am not letting anyone know where I am at, i.e. the JITS slag on me is 1) the studio is not a great studio, 2) I don't have the time, money, or personnel to do this, and 3) I would not be able to avoid letting you all in and saying 'Hello.'

"Then of course you would have to kill them for getting to do what you all may want to do too.

"Anyway, the whole project is coming along great and Jeff Balding wants to come back out March 29th, but I am faced with a dilemma: do I finish the remixes or do I get back to work on the new record?

"For the record, some of you may be thinking, 'Wasn't Jeff in on the re-recording over Dave's tracks' bit since he was the engineer on those records? But I knew otherwise. I talked to him yesterday and we agreed he was caught in the middle of Bud Prager destroying MEGADETH and trying to turn the band into FOREIGNER or an alternative band.


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Timo Blames Stratovarius split on Alcohol

STRATOVARIUS' split with singer Timo Kotipelto was the result of years of alcohol abuse and non-communication, the vocalist has revealed in an interview with Holland's Lords of Metal. "It lies in the Finnish mentality not to openly talk about problems," Kotipelto said. "That is what ultimately ended STRATOVARIUS. For all those years we never spoke about our problems but kept them to ourselves, which allowed trouble to build up."

According to Kotipelto, problems first arose when STRATOVARIUS mainman Timo Tolkki started drinking heavily during the "Destiny" tour. In the years that followed, the resentment between bandmembers intensified, made worse by Tolkki's insistence on keeping Kotipelto out of the creative process. "Everybody could see the split coming from miles away," the singer admitted.

The tension within the band was largely to blame for the group's decision not to support the "Elements Pt. 2" album with a tour and to take a break instead. "Well, we sure managed to do that," Kotipelto added rather cynically.

The alcohol abuse of various bandmembers contributed to the explosive situation within STRATOVARIUS. Concerts where Timo Tolkki would be drunk onstage, such as the recent Piorno Rock appearance in Spain, complicated matters. The fistfight that eventually ended the co-operation between Tolki and Kotipelto was shrouded in an alcoholic haze. "I do not remember anything of that night," Kotipelto said. After the disastrous performance at Piorno Rock, guitarist Timo Tolkki is contemplating abandoning the remaining festival dates that were booked by the old lineup. "I personally would not mind if those concerts got cancelled," Kotipelto concluded.

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Ayreon - cover posted online

AYREON, the brainchild of Dutch guitarist Arjen Lucassen (ex-BODINE, VENGEANCE), have posted the cover artwork for the "Limited Deluxe" edition of their latest CD, "Ayreon: The Human Equation", here.

"Ayreon: The Human Equation" is due in Europe on May 24 through InsideOut Music. The U.S. will receive the album one day later (May 25). Release dates for other countries will follow shortly. A single containing the radio edit of the song "Day Eleven: Love" plus the full album track "Day Two: Isolation" will precede the album.

In other news, AYREON have announced the "The Human Equation pre-release party" on Sunday, April 18, from 3 p.m. until 5 p.m. at Stairway to Heaven in Utrecht, the Netherlands. "There will be a special preview of the album, a showing 'Behind the Scenes' documentary from 'The Human Equation' bonus DVD," according to a post on AYREON's web site. "You can buy the single and all sorts of other stuff before it hits the stores and pre-order the album on the spot!"

Also on the Lucassen-related front, Arjen has agreed to perform "Valley of the Queens" (which originally appeared on AYREON's 1998 release, "Into the Electric Castle") once more with sisters Floor (AFTER FOREVER) and Irene Jansen (KARMA) live. This performance will be part of Floor Jansen's graduation project for the Rock Academy, as she will be the support act for AFTER FOREVER on April 17 at 013 in Tilburg.


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Grave Digger new clip and new album

"Valhalla", the new video of the German power metallers GRAVE DIGGER, is now available on the band's official homepage in Quicktime format. The clip was filmed in Pratteln (Switzerland), Barcelona (Spain), Lichtenfels (Germany) and Bochum (Germany) during GRAVE DIGGER's "Rheingold World Tour" in January.

In other news, GRAVE DIGGER plan to release a new album on 17th January 2005 via Nuclear Blast. A world tour will follow soon afterwards, starting in April 2005.

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Guest Musicians on new Angra Album

GAMMA RAY's Kai Hansen and BLIND GUARDIAN's Hansi Kürsch are among the guests confirmed to appear on ANGRA's much-anticipated follow-up to 2001's "Rebirth", tentatively due this summer through SPV Records (NTS Records in France).

According to an official press release from NTS, the as-yet-untitled effort "is a conceptual one. It tells a very interesting developed by guitar player Rafael Bittencourt. The writing is extremely well done and the lyrics of each song are tightly connected to the others." Other guests scheduled to appear on the CD include Brazilian musician Milton Nascimento, Douglas Las Casas and Silvia Goes.

As previously reported, much of the initial recording sessions for the new CD took place at Mosh Studios in São Paulo, Brazil under the guidance of producer Dennis Ward (SILENT FORCE, PINK CREAM 69). Ward had previously worked with the group on the acclaimed "Rebirth" album, which had achieved gold status in Brazil for sales in excess of 50,000 copies.

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Kreator : New Songs

The following update was posted at KREATOR's official web site:

"The songwriting process of the new KREATOR album is slowly but surely taking form! Those who've already heard some material describe it as complex, intense, fast, violent and melodic."

Commented KREATOR guitarist/vocalist Mille Petrozza: "Dear friends. Writing and arranging a new record is always exciting, interesting, painful and sometimes frustrating. Right now, we are producing demos, collecting ideas, and stuff, listen to riffs, get excited about stuff and throw shit away. It's like doing a puzzle! We've got the rough versions of seven songs so far and the shit sounds fuckin' brutal! Be patient, as soon as there's more details, you'll read 'em here first!"

"If things work out, the cover artwork of the new record will be the realization of a long-planned project finally coming true!" continues the post on the band's web site.

"KREATOR's agents are currently booking selected venues around the globe, where the band will present their newly designed light and stage set in the end of the year. Details soon..."


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Edguy: Stupid name?

In an interview with, EDGUY guitarist Jens Ludwig explained where the band's odd name came from, "No meaning. We were just very young when we formed this band," he said. "Fourteen years old. Back then, we had this stupid teacher with a similar sounding name. We just had this funny idea of changing it and making the band's name out of it. This stupid name has followed us for 12 years now. We've talked so many times about changing the name, but we can be sure that no band in the world will have the same stupid name as us (laughs)." Read the rest of the interview here:

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Nightwish - new single

Finland's NIGHTWISH have announced the details of the three different versions of their new single, "Nemo", which are planned for release in late April/early May. All three versions are currently on pre-sale at the "Nightwish-Shop" on the band's official web site, The details are as follows:

"Normal" version (release date: April 19):

01. Nemo (from the album "Once")
02. Planet Hell (from the album "Once")
03. White Night Fantasy (non-album bonus track)
04. Nemo (orchestral version)
05. Enhanced part: Studio footage

"Collector's Edition Digipack" version (release date: April 26):

01. Nemo (album version)
02. Live To Tell The Tale (non-album track)
03. Nemo (orchestral version)

"DVD" version (release date: May 3):

01. Nemo (full-length stereo mix)
02. Nemo (5.1 mix)
03. Planet Hell (5.1 mix)
04. "Nemo" promotional video
05. The Making of "Nemo"

"Nemo" comes off NIGHTWISH's much-anticipated follow-up to 2002's "Century Child", entitled "Once", due on June 7 through Spinefarm Records. A U.S. release date for the album has yet to be announced. The band recently shot a video for the track with renowned director Antti Jokinen, who has previously directed music videos for such international artists as CELINE DION, EMINEM and SHANIA TWAIN.

NIGHTWISH will launch their world tour in support of "Once", dubbed "Once Upon A Tour 2004-2005", this summer. The trek is expected to last until the autumn of 2005.

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Opinions on the new Nightwish album

NIGHTWISH keyboardist Tuomas Holopainen recently spoke to Get Ready To ROCK! about the songwriting and recording process for the group's new album, "Once". Asked why they chose to record the orchestral parts for the album in London using the London Session Orchestra, Tuomas said, "Well the simple reason is that we really wanted to have the best, you know. It sounds kinda corny, but we wanted to have the best no matter the costs, and our record engineer Mikko Karmila, he had some connections with Pip Williams who is doing the arrangements and he recommended him to us. We contacted him and he was very interested in us and then he booked the orchestra for us. To be honest, the whole thing, the orchestra, it costs like twice as much as the whole previous album altogether. But it doesn't matter because the result is so awesome. So I'm very proud to be working with them."

With regards to whether "Once" was a more difficult album to write than its predecessor, 2002's "Century Child", Tuomas said, " was very difficult and this one was equally difficult, but it's been more fun than ever though. I mean it's been in a very positive spirit, both for me and for the whole band. The whole process has been really smooth even though it has been really difficult and really long but we're all having the time of our lives here. I think that there is a bit of a positive touch to this album, more than before. Just fun, having fun doing what we're doing."

As previously reported, "Nemo", the first single off the group's forthcoming CD, is due on April 19 through Spinefarm Records. The band recently shot a video for the track with renowned director Antti Jokinen, who has previously directed music videos for such international artists as CELINE DION, EMINEM and SHANIA TWAIN. "Once" is scheduled for release on June 7 through Spinefarm. A U.S. release date for the album has yet to be announced.

NIGHTWISH will launch their world tour in support of "Once", dubbed "Once Upon A Tour 2004-2005", this summer. The trek is expected to last until the autumn of 2005.


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Crisis - tracklist of the new album

CRISIS have finalized the track listing for their new album, "Like Sheep Led To Slaughter", due on May 25 through The End/Children Of Rage Records. It is as follows:

01. Omen
02. Waking the Dead
03. A Graveyard For Bitches
04. Nomad
05. Politics Of Domination
06. Blood Burden
07. Rats In A Maze
08. Secrets Of The Prison House
09. Corpus Apocalypse
10. Study In Cancer
11. Exit Catacomb
12. The Fate

The follow-up to 1997's "The Hollowing" was recorded at Desert Moon Studios in Anaheim, Ca. with legendary producer Billy Anderson (CLUTCH, BRUTAL TRUTH, ORANGE GOBLIN, NEUROSIS, SLEEP) and is slated to include a multimedia section. Singer Karyn Crisis, in collaboration with Steve Conard (CRISIS' webmaster), has completed the artwork for the CD package. Guest vocals on "Study In Cancer" were provided by Daniel Dismal of CREMATORIUM.

In addition to the original members Karyn, Afzaal Nasirudden (guitar) and Gia Chaun Wang (bass), CRISIS' current lineup includes Jwyanza Hobson (guitar) and Josh Florian (drums).
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Annihilator - a new member

Long-running Canadian thrashers ANNIHILATOR have announced the addition of bassist Sandor de Bretan and drummer Rob Falzano to the group's ranks. Bretan hails from Waters' hometown of Ottawa Canada, while Falzano, a Boston native, came recommended to Water by "All For You" studio drummer Mike Mangini, who was also Falzano's teacher. Mangini will also be "guesting" at some future shows with the band.

As previously reported, ANNIHILATOR are scheduled to release their new album, "All For You", on May 24 through Germany's AFM Records. A five-song EP, entitled "The One", will surface on April 26, and will include two bonus video clips.

"All For You" marks the recording debut with the group of new singer Dave Padden, who replaced previous vocalist Joe Comeau last June.

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