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Leaves' Eyes - New Mini CD "Elegy"

The new LEAVES' EYES 6-track Mini CD "ELEGY" which includes only unreleased material will be released on 02.05.2005.
ELEGY Tracklist:
1. Elegy (Single version)
2. Senses Capture (Non-album track)
3. A Winter's Poem (Non-album track)
4. Solemn Sea (Demo version)
5. Mot Fjerne Land (Non-album track)
6. Elegy (Album version)

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Vader - Doc left the band

Vader has officially parted ways with Doc after a cooperation of 17 years. The whole band made the decision and agreed with Doc that he can't be with the band anymore. The following statement was made by the band's leader Peter:

"We have been building "the Vader's Empire" together since '88... The success of our music was no doubt the success of Doc himself. Not just a talent is but the main point of being a part of a BAND, not only musical abilities but - first of all - devotion, utterance.... We had already such a problems before (Shambo,Simon..). Doc pretty hard tried to "fight" against his weaknesses, which were troubles for all of us. Finaly He had not prevail over that battle... All in all He attempted. Vader today is not just a friendship anymore - it's our life with armies of man involved in music, releases and - first of all - Fans waiting for shows or new albums... This is a high responsibility, not too many know about. If a person, even the most talented one, cannot stand it - has to leave... That was Doc's decission as well. "But the world keeps turnin'..." and the same is with Vader. We were and we will be!!! For Doc, his girlfriend and newborn son we all wish good luck and wanna thank Him for all those great years, in which we were touring across the world!!!"

This means that Daray is from now on the new drummer of the band. Though he is not really brand new, Daray has already been playing with the band for a year and recorded the latest album "The Beast".

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Cannibal Corpse - Regarding 2nd guitarplayer

The official website of Cannibal Corpse tells us the following regarding the second guitarplayer:

"We'd like announce that Rob Barrett, who as you all know played guitar with Cannibal Corpse from 1993 to 1997 and appeared on "the Bleeding" and "Vile" albums, will be rejoining the band for our performance at the Northwest Death Fest in Seattle on April 3rd.

Whether or not Rob will be staying with the band permanently after that show is still not certain, but so far we're very happy to have Rob back in the fold. We'll post an update when we know for sure if Rob is permanently rejoining or not.

We also would like to say thank you to Jeremy Turner for doing an amazing job playing guitar with us on "The Wretched Spawn" tour in 2004. Jeremy really helped us out in a tight spot, and we wish him the best in his future musical endeavors".

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Sirenia - Signed with Nuclear Blast

The gothic rock/metal band signed with Nuclear Blast. Both are proud of this union.

The band, currently consisting of Morten Veland (guitars, growls), Henriette Bordvik (voices) and Jonathan Perez (drums, percussion), had been working on new songs the last couple of moths and are working on their debut with their new label.

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Lullacry - To enter in the Studio

The band will enter in the studio in May to finish their upcoming album, which should be out in early September. The single "Stranger In You" will be out in summer, including the KISS cover "I Stole Your Love".

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Stratovarius - News on the new album

Finnish melodic metallers STRATOVARIUS have posted the following message on their official web site:

"After a lot of listening and editing, the basic structure of our 11th album is getting together slowly but surely. After the turbulence of the last year, none of us has known what to expect when going into the studio.

"We have used the drums Jörg recorded alone at Soundtrack studio about a year ago. There was about 70 gigabytes of drums, so that took a while to listen to. And bit of tough decisions, and editing, cutting and pasting. New lyrics and vocal melodies have been written, and also some new songs.

"Says Timo Tolkki (guitar): 'I recorded all my rhythm guitars during one evening. God, my fingers still hurt!! There is a construction project going on under my studio. They are building a parking hall and are exploding huge bombs twice a day. Also there is lots of drilling. I am sure that this is the first time in the history of metal that an album has been recorded under circumstances like these.'

"It has indeed been very hard to record vocals and acoustic instruments. But we are finally getting there, slowly but surely. It's flowing and the feeling is really good. The vocals will for sure be finished before Timo Kotipelto's solo tour embarks. Then of course, the mixing... the mixing... the mixing.

"STRATOVARIUS has never made a compromise when it comes to the sound and this time with in his own studio.. my God, anything under two months of mixing and we'll be lucky. Anyway we would like to thank you, the fans, for your patience and hope that you enjoy this progress report and some new pictures."


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Crest Of Darkness - New Album's Working Title

Norwegian black metallers CREST OF DARKNESS have set "Give Us the Power to Do Your Evil" as the title of their fifth full-length album, tentatively due before the end of the year. Also planned for release through Italy's My Kingdom Music is a live DVD. More information will be made available soon.

CREST OF DARKNESS' fourth album, "Evil Knows Evil", was released in early 2004 through My Kingdom Music. The follow-up to 2000's "Project Regenration" was recorded at MLP Studio in Gjvik, Norway with co-producer/engineer Nils H. Mhlum. Mastering took place at Outer Sound Studios with Giuseppe Orlando (NOVEMBRE).

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Darkest Hour - Recording Update

Darkest Hour have posted the following studio update on their official web site:

"Darkest Hour has been buried in the studio for about two weeks now and we have gotten a hell of a lot done. All the basic structures for the songs are complete. There are now nine songs on the record and one acoustic piece. And we can say already this is hands down the best Darkest Hour record ever. We can't wait to present these songs to you guys. Kris and Mike make their guitar solo debut, there is definitely more for the shredders this time. Expect shorter more thrash' compact songs, as well as some surprises. We have been keeping the album title under warps but we will announce it soon. Lastly, the Darkest Hour summer vacation is coming together so we will announce big plans for the summer as well as the release date for the new Darkest Hour record soon. This week JH starts tracking the vocals and it all starts to make sense!"

Darkest Hour have just issued a DVD, entitled "Party Scars and Prison Bars - A Thrashography". Described as "a behind-the-scenes look at the musical prowess and outrageous humor that have made Darkest Hour famous in the metal scene," the disc includes an autobiography spanning Darkest Hour's 10-year existence, footage from their very first show, live performances, backstage banter, music videos, European tour footage and more.

Darkest Hour's latest album, "Hidden Hands Of A Sadist Nation", was released in May 2003 through Victory Records. The CD includes guest appearances from Tomas Lindberg (At The Gates, The Crown), Anders Björler (At The Gates, The Haunted), Peter Wichers (Soilwork) and Marcus Sunesson (The Crown).


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Dream Theater, Angra & Labyrinth on Tour in Italy

LABYRINTH and Angra have been confirmed as the support acts for DREAM THEATER on their upcoming Italian tour.

The dates and locations are:

21/06 Fucecchio (Fi), Buca S.Andrea
22/06 Ascoli Piceno, Piazza Del Popolo
23/06 Stra (Ve), Villa Pisani


Source: Arise Records]
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Salem - New Video At No.1 In Russia!

Salem has received an official report from the Russian TV channel "Music Box" that states that the band video of their song "Act of War" taken from their fourth album "Collective Demise" was chosen by Russian viewers as the top video of January, the count in the Russian video parade is daily and the video was number one the entire month!

This achievement is astonishing as the channel features thousands of videos by artists such as Britney Spears, Madonna, System of a Down and Metallica.

More info and footage of the video:

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Labyrinth - Video for Download

The italian band posted the video for the song "L.Y.A.F.H." that is the opening song from the band's latest album "Freeman". Go here to download it: .

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Antimatter - Details On The New Album

"Antimatter's thrid album, 'Planetary Confinement', will be released in April 2005. The album is acoustic-based, and has a much more organic feel than 'Saviour' or 'Lights Out', this time featuring natural strings, piano and drums. The final tracklisting has been confimend as:
01 - planetary confinement
02 - the weight of the world
03 - line of fire
04 - epitaph
05 - mr white
06 - a portrait of the young man as an artist
07 - relapse
08 - legions
09 - eternity part 24".

For more info, including a preview on the cover, follow the link:
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Slave To The Metal Show On Fuse TV

"What if Dr. Phil wore leather? In this studio show the one and only Juliya, Fuse's heavy metal mistress, dishes out advice to her fans about sex, life, parents and of course, METAL. If you're looking for Dr. Ruth, this ain't the place - there'll be just as much abuse as there will be love as Juliya takes phone calls & online questions all from the set of her boudoir."

Watch "Slave to the Metal" on Fuse, weeknights at 9pm ET (6pm PT). Check local listings or to find out what channel Fuse is on in your area.
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Isildurs Bane - First DVD Of The Band

Interesting news from the website of the Swedish progressive act:

"After releasing four highly acclaimed CD's within their MIND concept, Sweden's longest serving progressive rock band deliver their first DVD, MIND Vol. 5: The Observatory.
Filled to the brims with a concert, documentary footage, animations and four new, previously unreleased songs, this DVD is a must for all discerning music fans.
The concert was filmed in September 2004 with twelve cameras. It presents Isildurs Bane in front of an enthusiastic crowd with perhaps the bands strongest and most versatile line-up so far, featuring a twin-guitar team, cello, and three vocalists in addition to the regular team.
The documentary footage features unique clips from the band's past and present. From the late 80's until January 2005, from Sweden via Europe to North America, from Adolf Wölfli's cell at the mental hospital in Waldau to NEARfest, from a hot and sweaty stage in Budapest to a chilly beach in Halmstad. It's all here.
MIND Vol. 5: The Observatory includes four brand new songs recorded exclusively for this DVD, expertly produced by Mats "MP" Persson.
Isildurs Bane's first DVD includes many songs from the lauded MIND Vol. 4: Pass and the frantic pièce-de-resistance "The Voyage" from the album of the same name.
MIND Vol. 5: The Observatory was produced by Fredrik Timour for Ataraxia Productions".

More info:
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Konkhra - On Hold

Since the 1st of February of this year, "due to personal reasons", the band decided to "take the first break in its 16 year history!".

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