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Shamrain - Tracklist Of The New EP

SHAMRAIN (formerly TEARS), the Finnish quartet who feature in their ranks ENTWINE frontman Mika Tauriainen, have released more information about their brand-new seven-inch vinyl EP, which is currently available from the group's web site. The EP, which has a running time of 14 minutes and is limited to 200 copies, includes material recorded during the sessions for the band's debut album, "Empty World Excursion" (2003), as well as earlier studio sessions, and was recorded during last autumn and winter. The complete track listing for the EP is as follows:

01. Siren Song
02. Nothing
03. Usvameri

A "medley MP3" containing audio clips of the tracks making up the EP can be downloaded at this location:

SHAMRAIN's "Empty World Excursion" was released in November through Watch Me Fall Records. The follow-up to the group's "Pieces" mini-CD was recorded at F-Field Studio in Lahti and features a musical style which is being described as "atmospheric rock."

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Occult - in studio next week

Dutch thrashers OCCULT will enter Stage One studios in Bühne, Germany next week with producer Andy Classen (DEW-SCENTED, CALLENISH CIRCLE, TANKARD) to begin recording their sixth album, tentatively titled "Malevolent Rapture". The follow-up to this year's "Elegy for the Weak" is scheduled for release in early 2005 through Holland's Karmageddon Media (formerly Hammerheart Records). Songtitles set to appear on the CD include "The Eye of the Storm", "Demonfist", "Taste of the Whip", "Werewolf Corpse", "Scourging the Crowned King", "Legion of the Damned" and "Lycanthrope".
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Ordo Draconis new album by the end of the year

"Last weekend, finally the choir parts for our upcoming album Camera Obscura were recorded in the Plug Unit studio in Gouda; and what an amazing job the choir has done! Never before have metal and choir music been blended together so splendidly nor so divers - it has to be heard to be believed!
We'd like to thank all the guys and girls from the choir as well as our mobile magician of the mixing desk Patrick for their amazing job - it was a pleasure working together!

The last remaining hurdles to be taken before Camera Obscura will see the light are the recording of the vocals and the mixing of the album. Hopefully by the end of the year we will be able to share our newborn with you all."
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Diamond Head parts ways with Sean Harris

"Since the success of the acoustic dates in 2000, events have moved on rapidly-for Diamond Head at least! With the recording of a new album during 2002 things would have appeared on the surface going well. Its therefore somewhat ironic that the band has had to confront arguably the most fundamental upheaval since its very formation - A Diamond Head without Sean Harris.
Times and people move on, personal and professional objectives change and as we have got older (and hopefully wiser!) we all invariably move towards differing agendas.
As musicians we recently reached that regrettable but sometimes inevitable point where our respective business and creative visions for the band were rapidly and irreconcilably diverging. To compromise in such a situation would have meant all parties concerned feeling dissatisfied with the end result.The band would have surely stagnated and imploded.
Therefore after a great deal of soul searching we have decided to carry on without Sean as singer.We wish him all the luck in the world with his future ventures and projects.
Over the last few years it has been gratifying, humbling and downright flattering to see the huge ongoing interest, constant support and open affection people have for the band and our music. So much so that if only for those people we are fully determined to forge ahead with Diamond Head.
We have found a brilliant new singer in Nick Tart and the songs we have written thus far have been created with a natural ease and enthusiasm; what could be termed classic Diamond Head tempered with a very contemporary sound.
We are sure that once the fans have heard the fruits of our labours they will continue to support us as they have in the past.
The album-as yet untitled is due out Spring 05."
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Russel Allen and Jorn Lande working together

Italy's Frontiers Records report that vocalists Jorn Lande (MASTERPLAN) and Russell Allen (SYMPHONY X) have teamed up for an album together that will go under the name LANDE/ALLEN.

The album is still in the recording stages, but is backed up by a stunning set of songs provided by Swedish guitar hero Magnus Karlsson (LAST TRIBE).

More information on this project will be revealed as it becomes available.

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Jon Schaffer talks about tours, departures and D&W

"Hello All!

It's time for an update once again. Things have been pretty crazy between the awesome news of being a future father for the first time, the back problems and the numerous doctor visits; MRI's, EMG's and a load of other tests, a new business that has taken off and grown much quicker than expected (Spirit of 76 Collectibles), the Gettysburg DVD, Iced Earth's day to day, Demons & Wizards, a 4 figure miniature series called "The Great Americans" and another line-up change.

Unfortunately for me, the guys in the band, the crew, the label, and more importantly the fans, we will not be touring Europe or anywhere else until summer 2005 due to my serious lower back problems and the fact that I'll be a father in early March. We plan on playing many of the big European festivals next summer and they are being booked at present.

This is the main reason that Jimmy is no longer with Iced Earth. He called me after it was obvious that I.E. would not be touring for a while and asked if I would mind if he auditioned for Megadeth. I wished him luck and told him that if he can go out and earn money by playing bass he should do it. This is a tough business and it's not easy for musicians to make a living when they're in an underground band that is not touring. That's why so many musicians that are in bands and have records out also have day jobs. Tim, Bobby and I wish Jimbo all the best!

As for the Gettysburg DVD, Mark Briody was just here a few days ago and it's looking very cool. We had a brainstorming session for some of the final touches and we are both very excited about the project. We are shooting for a January release date at this point. Mark and I both feel that this will be one of the most, if not the most unique releases a metal band has ever done. It'll be a double disc packed with all kinds of cool stuff. It will have the Gettysburg video in 5.1 Surround (both the metal and theatrical mixes) and in stereo. There will also be a battlefield tour where I interview and discuss the battle with a licensed battlefield guide as we walk through the events of the three days. There will also be a very in depth and entertaining interview between Mark and myself. Also, it will have the "When the Eagle Cries," "The Reckoning (Don't Tread On Me)" and if we get it finished in time, a video that is going into production very soon for "Declaration Day."
I think in all it will be over 3 hours of material to check out. It's going to be killer.......


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Fallen Angels: 3 full songs to download

The Swedish band has put up 3 full songs of their new demo "Extinction" on their official website:

Also the band has a couple of new gigs coming, that are as Richard (band's singer) describes:

11/11 Fallen Angels Will invade the "Nordiska Gårdsfestivalen" over in Västerås and the month after that we will journey to Växjö to cross blades together will Elohim at "Uffes Källare" this event will take place 4/12.
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Slayer's Dave Lombardo recording with Drums Of Dea

According to, Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo is in the studio with DJ Spooky recording under the name Drums Of Death. Meat Beat Manifesto's Jack Dangers is producing the project, due early next year, and guitarist Vernon Reid (Living Colour) will guest. No further information is currently available.

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Moonspell news

A new video of the band, entitled "I'll see you in my dreams", could be downloaded from their official website.

"We are also in transit to define and start working more seriously on our first DVD production. The DVD will be called Lunar Still and the first sketch of the contents is that we will divide the DVD in four main features:
- Moonspell live at Katowice, Poland (2004, Antidote tour)
- Moonspell live at everywhere (selected cuts from 1993 up to 2004)
- All video clips including the I will see you in my dreams unreleased zombie video
- Moonspell documentary ( a filmed biography of the band, including interviews with the band, past members, fictions and realities about them)
Some of the contents and special participations have yet to be announced but we can assure you that the DVD won't be out this year but early 2005".

"All that can be said now is purely speculative expect that we are working on new songs and have so far produced a demo with three of them for internal use only. This demo allowed us to see the good in the direction we are taking and allowed us also to find out more about the present energies. By working on it we have found out important things like concept and even probably the album title which will make things go faster and stronger on the composition. We will be working also with Waldemar Sorychta (Wolf, Irreligious, Sin) on an earlier stage this time and hopefully we will record and release next year as we are so looking forward to".

for some other news, visit their official page at

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Gaia Epicus recording new album

GAIA EPICUS (Speed Power Metal from Norway) are currently with the producer Børge Finstad at famous Top Room Studios (used by Tristania, Vintersog, Borknagar) recording their 2nd album, they will take 5 weeks at studio. The album title will be "Symphony of Glory" and some song names are: Wings of Freedom, Time & Space, and Be Thy Cross My Victory. Wait for a bombastic material with a top sound quality!!! Michael A. Mueller ( will do the cover artwork; Michael has also done some works for Megadeth.

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Pain of Salvation to release DVD

As an addition to their new album "Be", PAIN OF SALVATION will release a DVD with the same title at the end of the year. It's featuring a stage version of this thematic work which the Swedish have brought to the stage with the support of a orchestra in their home town Eskilstuna in summer 2004. There will also be a few more PoS gigs this year.

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Falconer Back In Business

The Swedish power metal band Falconer have found a new guitarplayer after finding the new bassplayer Magnus Lindhardt. The mans name is Jimmy Hedlund.

Diary of the Falconer site:

"On the 18:th and 19:th of September we held an audition
for the few guitarists we had chosen out from those who had
applied for the job.
We played one song from every album.

On the evening the 18:th we went to see Kristoffer
perform with one of his coverbands "Copycats" for a full house.
It can´t be only work. Name a rehearsal weekend with Falconer
where everyone is feeling OK on the Sunday. Ha ha!!
We never learn!

When we tested the last guitarist he played the songs exactly as I did.
Every boing, pling and shugga-shugga was there.
But we wanted a good solo guitarist and when he started to do his
solos the rest of the band got lost leaving Jimmy to be the only
one playing correctly.
Hmmm, ehrr well.
It really just took only about 20 seconds into the first song and
I watched Kristoffer's face: yup it was a fact,
Jimmy Hedlund was the guy."

Stefan, 21/9-04

They now have a full band to rehearse the new upcoming album, and also to play some older material with Jimmy. The title of the next album will be "GRIME VS. GRANDEUR" wich will contain no guest appearances.

See more on:


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Summon - in studio

Michigan-based black metallers SUMMON have entered Flatline Audio Studios (formerly Hellion Studios) in Denver, Colorado with producer Dave Otero (CEPHALIC CARNAGE, SERBERUS) to record their sixth album, "Fallen", tentatively due in early 2005 via Moribund Records. The follow-up to 2002's "And the Blood Runs Black" promises to be "the sickest SUMMON CD to date," according to bassist/vocalist Chas Schoals. No further information is currently available.
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Imperia - New Pictures Online

A bunch of high-quality photos of IMPERIA, the new band fronted by former TRAIL OF TEARS singer Helena Iren Michaelsen, performing at Aalst Rockt in Aalst, Belgium on September 18 have been posted online at

IMPERIA will release their debut album, "The Ancient Dance of Qetesh", in the Benelux on October 1 through Ebony Tears. The rest of Europe will follow a few weeks later. The CD was mixed at Franky's Recording Kitchen in Nieuwleusen, Holland. Audio samples of several cuts from the album be downloaded in MP3 format at this location.

IMPERIA recently announced the departures of guitarist Henri Sattler (GOD DETHRONED) and drummer Arjen van Weesenbeek (GOD DETHRONED). Replacing them in the band are Jan Yrlund (ex-ANCIENT RITES) and Steve Wolz (BETHLEHEM) on guitar and drums, respectively.

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Porcupine Tree new album update

Recording and mixing of the new Porcupine Tree album is now effectively complete. As previously announced 14 new songs have been recorded, and only the task of selecting, sequencing and mastering the final running order remains (at least 3 or 4 songs will not make the album and will be held over for issue elsewhere). A 5.1 mix should also be completed in time for a simultaneous release. The as yet untitled album will be worldwide release by Lava/Warners in January.

"In Absentia" award
The multichannel mix of Porcupine Tree's "In Absentia" was recently awarded a Surround Music Award (SMA) for the best surround mix (non-orchestral) of 2004. The awards, held in Los Angeles, recognize the most outstanding surround releases of the year; the award committee is a panel of expert judges that include personnel from Sound & Vision, Pro Sound News, Widescreen Review, Surround Professional, NARAS, USA Today,, and Los Angeles-based radio station KCRW.

more info on the band official site:

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