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Dying Fetus - dismissed vocalist

On October 2, Dying Fetus dismissed vocalist Vince Matthews from the band. This action was taken due to a number of musical, professional, and personal reasons that we feel do not need elaboration at this time. However, Vince remains a long-time friend of several Dying Fetus members and we wish him the best of luck in the future. This change will not affect any of our present tour plans. We intend to continue with our current four-piece lineup, and we will handle the vocals accordingly (something we have done many times, as our Canadian fans already know).

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Lacrimosa - T. Wolff & his solo project Snakeskin

From Lacrimosa's homepage:

"After the speculations condense and the rumours are becoming preeding-places for cranky fantasy-stories, I want to end the presumptions and notify what I originally wanted to announce earliest in several weeks: Yes, Snakeskin is my solo-project!
More information about Snakeskin you can find on, but already now I want to mention and anticipate new possible rumours, that Snakeskin is another musical and emotional playground for me, but that it won't detach Lacrimosa! Lacrimosa is and always will be my band and nothing is going to change that!
Without having the need to sacrifice Lacrimosa for it, the gentle listener therefore receives another facet, and I wish lots of pleasure with it!

With love,
Tilo Wolff"

"After the tracks "Melissa" and "I am the dark" let tremble the dancefloors since June this year and press as well as audience has been brought to the riddle around its doer, the longplayer "Music for the lost" will come out on the 25th of October 2004!"
This album will be released through "Hall of Sermon".
01 - I am the dark
02 - Fourious stars
03 - Melissa
04 - Waking a lie
05 - Longonelost
06 - Panicky joy
07 - Cinderella
08 - Symphony of pain
09 - Come as You are
10 - Recall

Bonus Tracks:
11 - Cinderella
12 - Melissa
13 - I am the dark

For more info and soundclips:


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Apocalyptica - feat. Paavo Ylönen & Ville Valo

From the homepage of the band:
"Finish cello-rockers "Apocalyptica" have returned to the studio to record the first single of their forthcoming album (due early February 2005). The song, entitled "Bittersweet", is a dark ballad, that features fellow-countrymen Lauri Ylönen from "The Rasmus" and Ville Valo from "HIM" on vocals. The single, written by "Apocalyptica", Lauri and Ville together, will be released internationally on 29 November.
Eicca Toppinen, Paavo Lötjönen, and Perttu Kivilaakso will appear alongside Lauri and Ville in the video for "Bittersweet", shot in the band's hometown Helsinki and directed by renowned finish director Antti Jokinen.
Where in the beginning the classically-trained cellists established themselves with interpretations of Metallica, Slayer, and Sepultura classics, the band have developed their own writing skills for many years and matured while doing so. The new album will - just like its predecessors "Cult" and "Reflections" - again contain originally Apocalyptica-penned songs".

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Rammstein - high ranks in European charts

"Reise Reise", the fourth studio album from German industrial metallers RAMMSTEIN, has entered the national album charts in the following countries:

No. 1: Switzerland
No. 1: Finland
No. 1: Austria
No. 2: Holland
No. 3: France
No. 4: Norway
No. 6: Belgium
No. 17: New Zealand
No. 19: Australia
No. 37: U.K.
No. 54: Ireland

"Reise Reise" is scheduled for release in the U.S. on November 16. The album's first domestic single, the bilingual "Amerika", went into rotation on MTV2's "Headbanger's Ball" last weekend, while import single "Mein Teil" has already shown up on the "Resident Evil: Apocalypse" soundtrack as well as on Fuse's "Uranium".

Recorded primarily in Spain (El Cortijo Studio, Malaga), "Reise Reise" (translated as "Voyage, Voyage" or "Journey, Journey") was produced by Jacob Hellner, who has been integral to the band's studio work since day one.

RAMMSTEIN's upcoming tour begins November 1 in Mannheim, Germany and includes three nights at Berlin's Velodrom, as well as arena dates in Moscow, Prague, Barcelona and Helsinki. U.S. dates should follow in 2005.

News taken from: Blabbermouth

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Swallow the Sun - studio news & gig

"Last Sunday (3.10.2004) we recorded the vocals for the cover song. The song is 'Solitude' by Candlemass, and it features Albert of "Reverend Bizarre" on vocals. It was great working (and drinking) with him, and he did an excellent job with the vocals! The song will be released as a bonus track on the U.S. release of 'The Morning Never Came' and on a upcoming single from our second album".

Details on releasing and recording our next album and the single will be posted later on the band's website.

Also, on Octomber the 18th the band will perform a gig in "Tavastia", Helsinki along with Heaven Shall Burn, The Eternal, Machete.


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Nirvana - Box set release date announced!

According to and a several other Internet sources, the hotly anticipated three-CD/one-DVD NIRVANA box set will be entitled "With The Lights Out" (a lyric from the legendary NIRVANA track "Smells Like Teen Spirit") and will hit stores on November 23 via Geffen (November 22 in Europe).
The four-disc compilation is made up of three audio CDs, with over 40 tracks on them, and one DVD with archive footage.
The audio tracks will be rare and previously unheard demos, alternative versions and radio session tracks.
The DVD footage includes a rare promo of "In Bloom" and is also expected to feature an early live show.
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Nocturnal Rites - Drummer involved with accident

Nocturnal Rites drummer Owe Lingfall has had a serious accident a couple of days ago, which almost cost him greatly, namely an eye. Today he will have surgery.

According to the other members of the band Owe is a fighter, so they have full confindece that he will recover really fast.

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Wintersun - Seeking For New Guitarist

The official homepage of WINTERSUN, the new band of Jari Mäenpää (ex-ENSIFERUM), just went online. Check out for more information about this amazing Finnish act!

Oliver Fokin, formerly session guitarist of Jari Mäenpää's (ex-ENSIFERUM) band WINTERSUN, has decided to leave the band. Jari put the following statement on the band's official website "Unfortunately Oliver has decided that he can´t continue in Wintersun as a guitarist, because his time is filled with other activities/jobs. So Wintersun is looking for a guitarist and a synthplayer, but we are mainly looking for Finnish members."

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Paradise Lost - new album

PARADISE LOST announced today (Oct. 6) that the title of their newest album will be "Paradise Lost" in celebration of their 10th studio album since their full-length debut, "Lost Paradise", was released in 1990. Artwork and tracklisting are still to be confirmed.

The follow-up to 2002's "Symbol of Life", "Paradise Lost" was recorded primarily at Chapel Studios in Lincolnshire, England under the guidance of producer Rhys Fulber (FEAR FACTORY, FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY) and is the group's first to feature drummer Jeff Singer (ex-BLAZE).

Singer joined the group in May as the replacement for Lee Morris, who left the band in March due to "personal and musical differences."

The upcoming CD is being described by singer Nick Holmes as "definitely the heaviest album we have done in the last ten years."

Working songtitles set to appear on "Paradise Lost" include:

01. Through The Silence
02. Shine
03. Sun Fading
04. Sanctimonious You
05. Redshift
06. Forever After
07. Getting Over The Madness
08. Accept The Pain
09. Close Your Eyes
10. The Laws Of Cause

"Symbol Of Life", PARADISE LOST's ninth studio album, was produced by Fulber and was released in the U.S. through Koch Entertainment.


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Construcdead - Soon A New EP

Construcdead, the Swedish band featuring Terror 2000 drummer Erik Thyselius, will enter Fear And Loathing Studio (co-owned by Clawfinger and Meshuggah) in late October to record an EP. "The CD will contain three brand new songs and the 'Wounded' video!" the band write on their web site. "No release date has been set yet for this release, but we´ll of course inform you of this as soon as we know more! We're also planning to record another full-length album in the beginning of next year!"

Construcdead, who recently announced the the addition of bassist Johan Magnusson (ex-Carnal Forge guitarist) to the group's ranks, released their sophomore album, "Violadead", earlier this year through Sound Pollution Records. The CD was recorded and mixed at Helsingborg's Queenstreet Recording with producer Richard Larsson and features a guest appearance by Soilwork vocalist Björn "Speed" Strid and ex-Soilwork drummer Henry Ranta in the track "Bitter End". A limited-edition digipack version of the album features as a special bonus a demo recording of the track "Inhuman Condition".

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Blackmore's Night - new song & video online

The audio & video versions of the song "Once in a million years" are available as real video stream on SPV website.
The band released on September, 20th 2004 an album entitled "Beyond The Sunset - The Romantic Collection". The available track for listening is a new song from this album.
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Obituary - new photos in studio

From a message posted on "Roadrunner Records UK" by John Tardy:

"These are photos of us in the studio. We went into the studio for a couple of reasons. One: To try out RedRoom Recoring Studio in Ybor City, FL to see what kind of sound we get. Two: To try out Donald's new Yamaha drum set and variety of Yamaha snare drums. Three: To try out a variety of Sabian cymbals. Four: To get a feel of the new material. We worked with Mark Prator who was involved in many other Obituary recordings through the years."

For the pictures, follow this link:

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Paradise Lost - Nick Holmes answers the questions

From the website of the band:

"Nick has agreed to do a Q&A session about the new album with the fans. You can post your questions for him on the Forums.

After we have recieved enough questions, we will be posting the answers in an article on the site".

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A Perfect Circle - new video online

"Watch the new video of 'Imagine' from the upcoming album eMOTIVe with an introduction from Maynard. The video features chilling visual images that give relevance to this great classic. Also, here is an exclusive video clip from Maynard on the creative meaning of the video for your viewing pleasure".
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Amorphis - looking for an experienced vocalist

Amorphis is looking for an experienced vocalist.
Send applications with photo and (CD/CDR) by the end of October to:

c/o Piikkikasvi,
Tallberginkatu 1/40,
00180 Helsinki

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