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Soulitude - New Album In 2007

Jevo, the mastermind behind Soulitude - a free to download power metal project - has issued the following statement on the official SOulitude website:

There will be another work released in 2007.
Almost 100% of the music is written and now it is time to start writing the lyrics.
This time it won't be a conceptual album. Music is more fresh and up-to-date, less epic but
more solid and powerfull. I've been in contact with a couple of musicians for the vocals and drums and
I hope to start recording in spring so the album may be ready at the end of spring or summer.
There won't be so many singers as in the first album because I'd like to have fix members so
Soulitude can became also a live band and not only studio project.
Cover artwork is going to be done again by Xabier Amezaga, that is also the webmaster of this site.

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Manticora - New Album Distribution In France

As posted by the band through a MySpace bulletin:

Dear French Manticora fan,

As it has worked out, Replica Records have not been able to release our new album "The Black Circus" in France, but we have just been told that Massacre Records have made sure that the album is available in France now, through the distributor Soundworks/Season of Mist. So if you don't know what to give your brother or sister for Xmas, here is the perfect gift for them.

Please let people know about this, through posts at forums, blogs, emails, guestbooks etc, where you normally get your news about your metal.

Best regards and Merry Xmas.


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Rage - Split With Mike Terrana

As posted on the official Website on 06.12.2006:

Since a while there's rumours about Mike leaving Rage, so now Peavy and Victor speak to the public: From now on we won't continue our colaboration with Mike because personal and musical differences that exist since a while, became unbearable. This cut is definitely not easy for us, but to avoid damage for Rage we have no other choice. Unfortunately there's not much left from our former unity, since a while, comunication between Mike and us broke down completely, so we have to pull the emergency brake. We decided to work with a new drummer in the future, because we don't want to ruin it all to a point, where's no future at all. We want to keep our power and joy in music, so there's no other way.

We are aware, how much this Line up meant to you (and us), but that's life. A band, especially a three-piece, is like a relationship. Over the years we just developed apart from each other. We wish Mike all the best for his further carreer.

Nevertheless, there's a bright perspective in front of us: We definitely won't cancel a single show and work intensely at the moment, to present you a suitable new drummer soon. We have lots of plans for the next year, among others we'll play some exclusive orchestra shows for you.

We hope you all keep the faith in the future and promise, to keep up with our quality level to 100%.

See ya soon!

Rage on!

Yours Peavy & Victor

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Raismesfest 2007 - Battle Of The Bands Applications End On December 31st

This new Jumpin' Raismesfest - a battle of the bands type of event - is planned for March 17. The winners of the contest will open the festival in September.

Bands willing to apply must send their demos/CDs and biography to Jean-Phillipe (contact: before December 31st. This is supposedly a battle of local bands, though bands in the whereabouts may apply (contact the organizers first).

Last year's Jumpin Raismesfest was won by local Hard Rock band "Marlyn's". The second and third contestants were chosen to headline on the small stage on Saturday and Sunday.

Event: Jumpin' Raismesfest III
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Rage - Nuclear Blast 20 Years Compilation

Posted on Rage's official website on October 29th:

At the moment, Victor is working on another big project, a compilation CD for the 20th anniversary of Nuclear Blast.
It will be an album, for which Victor will completely compose, record and produce about 10 songs for various metal bands of Nuclear Blast history, inclusive a new Rage song, furthermore Peavy helped with the lyrics! The organisation is big stress, as it's not so easy, to get musicians from all over the world with different tour and studio schedules reconciled.
A detailed studio report of this production will follow.

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Cypher - Signs With Rusty Cage Records

Just two months after releasing their "Dutch Metal Cult Series" Rusty Cage Records signs a two record deal with Dutch best kept secret, thrash/death sensation "Cypher".

Their debut album "Darkday Carnival", produced by "Textures" guitarist Jochem Jacobs, will be released at the end of October 2006.
"Darkday Carnival" is an album that explores the darker side of the human condition, lyrics masked by more than 2000 years of deceit and corruption, musically progressing towards a more complex and dynamic style without losing the brutal, relentless edge.

You've all heard bands like In Flames, Slayer, Morbid Angel, Nevermore and Testament, but wait 'til you hear this album!
You should know what to expect by now!

More information about Cypher and Rusty Cage records:

P.O. Box 8061
1802 KB Alkmaar
The Netherlands

Web RCR:
Web Cypher:


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Raismesfest - Green Carnation Appearance Cancelled

As ôsted on Green Carnation's official website:

Our appearance at RaismesFest has been cancelled. This was supposed to be the first gig on our European Tour, and the deal was therefore made with that in mind considering flight-tickets and so on. Once again we are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused some of our fans.

Event: Raismesfest
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Spanish Producer BigSimon Died At 34

Widely known as BigSimon, his real name was Simón Echeverría Romero. He was 34, and moved with his parents from Santiago de Chile to London at the age of 1, to flee from Pinochet's dictatorship. There, he studied music before moving to Madrid at 12, where he started a great career as a producer. His last works include the new albums of Mägo De Oz, Saratoga and Stravaganzza.

He also played the guitar with the band Not For Us. His carrer as a producer began by working as an assistant in the Sintonía studios in Madrid where he worked with the best national and international producers. Those last years, he worked as a free-lance producer for many hard rock and progressive bands. His death was a shock to all the people of the Madrid music scene, who went to see him before he was incinerated on Wednesday morning, 2nd of July at Almudena's crematory.

He was an excellent, nice person loved by fans and the people he worked with. One of the most talentuous creators ever coming from the Spanish rock scene now rests in peace, because of a liver cancer detected a few weeks ago, when he had just finished the work on the new Skizoo album in Murcia. He died on Monday, 31st of July 2006.

Translated from Spanish.

You can read the reactions of some bands on their official websites:
Mägo De Oz

R.I.P. BigSimon


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Pyramaze - To Record DVD At ProgPower USA, Special Closing Revealed

Pyramaze will be recording a live DVD at this years prestigious ProgPower USA in Atlanta on the 15th 16th of September, this will include an equal mix of songs from both of their releases Legend Of The Bone Carver and Melancholy Beast.

Also, ProgPower USA's promoter Glenn Harveston, wanted to do something special this year and invited Pyramaze vocalist Lance King to join Jorn Lande among a few other select vocalists* some of bands appearing this year and some just there hanging out for a special song close at the end of the show on Saturday night.

*According to the official site
"Confirmed thus far to join Lande on stage are Zak Stevens (Circle II Circle, ex-Savatage), Lance King (Pyramaze), Michele Luppi (Vision Divine), Pasi Rantanen (Thunderstone), Mikkel Sandager (Mercenary), Michael Eriksen (Circus Maximus), and Mattias "IA" Eklundh (Freak Kitchen). Other participants will be announced at a later time."

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Event: ProgPower USA
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Evergrey - Bassist Leaves, Replacement Announced

Michael Håkansson has decided to part ways with Evergrey. The new bass player will be the band's long-time friend Fredrik Larsson (Hammerfall, Cans). Michael has left the following message for all the Evergrey fans:

"After a long time of consideration and many, many hours of thinking I now, with sadness, announce my departure from the band.
I have been a part of the band for seven years and during that time I have experienced so much and I have seen more than I ever thought I would. But now it is time for me to say goodbye.
My reason for doing this is that I feel a strong urge to do something different in music. This is the one and only reason and it's 100% my own decision.
I want to thank the boys for all the good times we have had together thoughout the years. I wish them the best of all success, something they truly deserve and without doubt will achieve."

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Rhapsody - Renamed Rhapsody Of Fire

Due to copyright and trademark issues the band formerly known as Rhapsody has changed its name. The band members consider this a great new start, reflecting the emboldened and increasingly grandiose direction that their music has taken. "The power of the dragonflame will burn brighter than ever before," says guitarist/songwriter Luca Turilli. Keyboardist/songwriter Alex Staropoli adds, "The name Rhapsody Of Fire better represents the energy that has always been present in this band and its music."

With a new record company in Magic Circle Music, a new tour planned and a new album on the way, Rhapsody Of Fire will continue to explore musical fantasy worlds with the precision musicianship and unique symphonic concepts that their fans have come to expect and adore. Fresh on the heels of the band's first live album release, Live In Canada 2005 - The Dark Secret, a new name and renewed vigor ensure that Rhapsody Of Fire still hold the passion and power that have always been associated with their music.

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Raismesfest - Battle Of The Bands On May 20th

To support the festival, a Battle of the bands will be organised on Saturday 20th of May. Local bands will be competing to win first prize: opening the Raismesfest on the big stage!

Bands in competition are:

20H05 ANACHRONIA (melodic metal)
20H40 KILL FOR PEACE (hardcore)
21H15 KLAWS (nu metal)
21H50 CRISTAL (power neo classic)
22H25 MARLYN'S (rock-hard vintage)
23H00 FALLACIOUS WORLD (gothic-indus)
23h35 TRONCKH (fusion-core)

Oxees, winner of the last edition, will perform after the other bands (00h15).

See the flyer!


Raismesfest will take place on September 9th & 10th.
The following bands are confirmed so far:
Adagio, Andromeda, Dagoba, Epica, Freak Kitchen, Green Carnation, Leaves Eyes, Pure Inc, Watcha

More info:


Event: Raismesfest
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Diamond Head - To Release Live DVD

As posted on the official website on April 27th 2006:

The DVD of the Astoria show is due for a release this summer. You can follow the link to Secret Records* website for release dates and tracklistings.

* Below is the info from Secret Records:

Filmed & Recorded at The Astoria, London, 4th November 2005

Release date: 2006


* Am I Evil (intro)
* It's Electric
* Give It To Me
* The Prince
* Mine All Mine
* Lightning To The Nations
* Fallen Angel
* To The Devil His Due
* Alimony
* I Can't Help Myself
* Sucking My Love
* Streets Of Gold
* Helpless
* Am I Evil
* Heat Of The Night


Source: and secretrecordslimite...
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Ilium - Update On New Album & Other News

Hello everyone

Well, we've finished recording our third album "Vespertilion" and we'll be making
the trek to Wollongong in a couple of weeks to look at mixing with Tim. I can
honestly say it sounds amazing - the drums are spectacular!

We'd still like to do a few shows if anyone out there wants to do some live bass or
keyboard work. Still working on that film clip for "Chloroform Divinity" but Lord Tim has
been busy with the swansong album for Dungeon as well as getting ready for the first
ever Lord gig - should be awesome!

- - - - - - - -

I've just been speaking to our ex-bass player Peter and it seems Corey (his son,
ex-keyboardist) has again gotten through to the next round of Australian Idol. This
time things are looking very promising and there seems to be alot of interest in his
material. We wish him all the best of luck.

As you may remember, Corey was hit by a train a little while back and lost his foot.
He is doing really well and wants to thank everyone who has supported him through a
very difficult time.

Jason, Adam and the Tims

Source: Official Ilium Newsletter
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Pain Of Salvation - Bassist Leaves The Band

As posted on the official website:

Kristoffer leaves Pain of Salvation!

We are sad to announce that Kristoffer is of now no longer a member of Pain of Salvation. After having been the band's bass player since 1994, he has now kindly been asked by the other members to leave the band. The separation derives from growing difficulties to function together as a band since Kristoffer moved to Holland a few years back.

The band's own statement:
"We are a band who loves to play music together, and who values being a real band rather than a project that functions on distance. Being a tight unit welded together musically and personally is an important part of the band's soul; and constantly being decimated while composing, rehearsing, and even recording, simply proved impossible in the long run.
Kristoffer has grown to become a tremendous bass player during the years with Pain of Salvation and it is with sadness that we now see him go, but since this logistic situation will not change within the coming years, we unfortunately see no other choice."

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