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Posted by whatsacow on 23.03.2010 at 06:21
What is the most depressing, sad song, either lyrically, instrumentally or likewise, in any genre?

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Age: 35
From: Finland
  08.08.2013 at 22:09
My vote goes for Antimatter, the whole album Planetary Confinement makes me cry almost every time I listen to it and especially songs Weight of the World and Epitaph. I like sad music.
Boxcar Willy
yr a kook

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Age: 18
From: Canada

  09.08.2013 at 07:31
I find The Angelic Process pretty damn heart-defeating.
forever bummed out

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From: Hungary
  09.08.2013 at 18:09
Written by Boxcar Willy on 09.08.2013 at 07:31

I find The Angelic Process pretty damn heart-defeating.


This is just soul-destroying, along with the rest of this album.
Account deleted
  09.08.2013 at 18:32
This is an interesting topic that is going to depend heavily upon someone's owns tastes and life experiences. As for me, a few that come to mind include:

Sonata Arctica - The Misery
Sonata Arctica - Tallulah
Nightwish - Sleeping Sun
Evergrey - Closure
Evergrey - Words Mean Nothing

The things that have caused me the most grief in life are loss and heartbreak so my selections generally reflect those emotions and times accordingly. Most of Katatonia's catalog reflects this is some way so I refrained from including any of their songs on the above list. Recently the song Uniformity by Dark Tranquillity has been pulling on my melancholic heartstrings quite a bit so that may end up here too, I don't know.

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Age: 24
From: Finland

  11.08.2013 at 01:35
My dying bride - Roads
Woods of Ypres - Shard Of Love
Jeff Buckley - Forget Her
Damien Rice - Cheers darlin'

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  23.08.2013 at 06:54
Mortal Love - I Want To Die...

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Age: 21
From: USA

  17.11.2013 at 04:33

This song is just so mournful that I can't help but be affected by it. This whole album is like that too.

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From: USA

  06.01.2014 at 02:24
Pearl Jam - Footsteps
Anathema - Shroud of Frost
Savatage - A Little Too Far
Blitz - Those Days
The Cure - Disintegration

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Age: 27
From: USA

  06.01.2014 at 02:47
Also, Smashing Pumpkins- Blank Page

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From: Romania

  25.09.2014 at 11:57

pretty sad i think:
Trees Of Eternity - A Million Tears

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Age: 19
From: USA

  24.10.2014 at 09:26
Nine Inch Nails - Something I Can Never Have

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Age: 29
From: Italy

  27.10.2014 at 01:56
Coil - The dreamer is still asleep
Woods of Ypres - Finality
"Nothing is more real than nothing." (Samuel Beckett)

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Age: 25
From: USA

  03.12.2014 at 07:17

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From: India
  02.04.2015 at 13:52
Gonna have to go with White Light by The Ghost Inside. I equate the last minute of that song to watching Marley and Me over and over again while cutting onions.

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Age: 19
From: UK

  27.05.2015 at 20:00
This song starts of with some lo-fi instrumentals, evolves into absolute sonic bliss, and then turns into one of the most hard-hitting, sad tracks I've ever heard. The lyrics are blunt but real, and feel far more genuine than a lot of "sad/emotional" songs you come across in the indie scene. Even though the song itself talks about an issue far different from my own, some of the lines here just hit home on such an accurate level. Can't guarantee that it'll have the same effect, because a large amount of what makes it hit so hard for me is my own personal experiences with what I've been going for. However, this song is still absolutely outstanding from a purely musical perspective, so it's still more than worth the listen. (Seriously, you won't find lo-fi that does this stuff anywhere else)

Sometimes you just need to roll the dice and look away.

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From: Australia

  04.06.2015 at 14:26
Wow 2:55-4:10 of that gave me an aneurysm. Rest I appreciated though

The Angelic Process - Dying in A Minor is my pick. I don't think it will ever be topped.

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Age: 20
From: USA

  06.06.2015 at 04:46
Alice in Chains - Down In A Hole: I love Alice in Chains, and I love this song, but I don't listen to them as much as other bands because some of their songs (like this one) just depress me. This isn't true with any other sad music for the music part, but Alice in Chains really strike a sad emotional chord within me.
no one

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Age: 32
From: New Zealand

  06.06.2015 at 05:39
Not the most, but up there


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