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Posted by BitterCOld, 24.08.2011 - 20:00
Post yer ideas, thoughts, and suggestions for the website here. thanks.
18.10.2017 - 14:12
Old Nick
Written by BitterCOld on 17.10.2017 at 19:07

We agree to disagree....

Actually we don't disagree as much as you think.

1) It's true that many users are not active. It is also true that many accounts are created to boost the ratings of a specific album and/or band (e.g. The SLoT). The result in that case was that many "real" users rated this band's albums very low, which is something they wouldn't have done, because they didn't care. Now The SLoT's ratings are around 5.5 (after many of the 10's were nuked) instead of 7 or 7.5 that was the case before.

2) You say that you made a list of 25 "really solid if not great albums that don't yet have 50 votes/ratings. Several on that list were recent releases, were staff picked by me or others, were positively reviewed, were in the MSA's, won Staff Pick from the MSAs and still don't have 50". This list is your opinion based on your preferences (and by "you" I mean any member of staff). If people don't vote for albums that you think are excellent, it is probably because they don't find them excellent and this is why they have not risen to the top. I personally don't vote if I don't care about an album. Your review of Funeralium, which was one of the best I have read here, made me listen to the album, but it's not for me so I didn't vote. I think people will listen to an album if they read a review or see a staff pick, but they will not necessarily vote if they don't like it or if it's not interesting to them. And this is how the best rises to the top. Not what you or me or anyone else thinks is best, but what the majority thinks is best.

I have my own example: I think that Human Serpent is the best new black metal act in the last five years. I added them to the database, reviewed two of their albums and even wrote something about them in the shoutbox (which I rarely use). One of the two albums I reviewed has 2 ratings and the other one 4 (including mine). Cultes Des Ghoules was the best black metal album last year imo and it only has 22 votes. It would be stupid of me to say that other people don't understand how awesome it is and my taste is better than theirs.

You might say that I am not staff and people wouldn't give two shits about what I say. But the same has happened to you. The same has happened with Che for example. He likes Pylar a lot. He wrote a very nice review of their album last year and gave it a 9. More than 300 users have read it. Only 10 voted. He staff-picked their new album yesterday. So far it has 3 votes and 1 of them is his. This does not mean that Pylar are the best band in the world and us idiots don't get it. It means that the majority here does not share Che's view. Plain and simple.

3) I agree with your comment about voting guidelines. 7 means "good", but many people seem unable to understand it and believe that a 7 rating means the album is crap (maybe a scale of 1-5, instead of 1-10 would solve many problems, including vote abuse, but that's another discussion - the request for "half" ratings (8.5) to score albums is plain ridiculous imo).

4) I couldn't agree more with your last paragraph and it is the reason why I take ratings with a pinch of salt. I don't even care about ratings in reviews, but I do care and pay attention to their content. It also pisses me off when someone comments on how high or low I have rated an album, when it is clear that he or she hasn't read the review at all.

So, as you can see we only disagree about the best rising to the top situation. I do think that sometimes a very good album can slip through and not get the recognition it deserves, but I don't think it's the rule; rather the exception. Popularity is not the only way to measure quality, but has to be taken into account. If 500 people have rated the x album as 8 and 20 people have rated the y album as 8, it cannot mean the same thing.

ps. sorry for the veeeery long text
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