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whats your favorite band on the list?

Gamma Ray46
Grave Digger17
Primal Fear16

Total votes: 315

The original post

Posted by Dreamwar_86 on 24.12.2006 at 08:13
i didn't put Blind Guardian or Helloween because its easy to them to beat this poll but there is a lot of talented bands in germany beside that 2 masters , i decided to put the most representative bands of Germany or i least i think they are ,and please tell me whats your favorite and why

as for me i like Edguy becuase its a band any metalfan can enjoy they have a clean sound excellent vocals,catchy chorus, and they are very unique

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Metal Ninja

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  31.05.2016 at 07:38
In the choice above it has to be "Kreator" for me closely followed by "Sodom", surprised there was no "Accept" or "Running Wild" and the excellent "Atrocity"
Thrash Talker

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  16.06.2016 at 15:47
Old thread, I don't even remember if I posted in this... but what the hell.

Helloween... oh wait it's not in the list...
still... Helloween. Yeah Yeah I know, you don't want us to pick blind or helloween...
Fine!!! It's Kreator then.
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