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Posted by , 17.10.2007 - 04:52
I know there are many other great singers out there, these are some of mine. If there's someone else please list them, I'm always willing to find new bands to love! Please feel free to say what you like, dislike about anything, everyone has an opinion.


Which singer would you want fronting your Power Metal band?

Hansi Kursch (Blind Guardian)
Roy Khan (Kamelot)
Other (Please Specify)
Michael Kiske (Helloween)
Matt Barlow (Iced Earth/Pyramaze)
Tony Kakko (Sonata Arctica)
Tobias Sammet (Edguy)
Fabio Lione (Rhapsody of Fire)
DC Cooper (Silent Force)

Total votes: 405
23.07.2011 - 23:30
I would go with Roy fav voice in Metal in general, well at least Male voice. He has such a deep, dark yet beautiful and inspiring voice!
such a pity he left kamelot....:(
24.07.2011 - 03:27
A staff guy...
Written by Angel_Lament on 23.07.2011 at 23:30

I would go with Roy fav voice in Metal in general, well at least Male voice. He has such a deep, dark yet beautiful and inspiring voice!
such a pity he left kamelot....:(

completely agree on everything you said
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13.08.2011 - 12:10
Enemy of Reality
Man you're forgetting 3 of the best:

Russell Allen:
Jorn Lande:

03.10.2011 - 14:25
M C Vice
Can't believe Hansi is so far ahead.
Anyway, either Marco Heitala or ZP Theart.
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25.02.2012 - 08:04
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My vote goes to Tony Kakko (Sonata Arctica) because he's got clean, powerful voice.
26.02.2012 - 16:09
Infernal Eternal
Hansi is the best PM vocalist ever. If you disagree, the Orcs are gonna eat you:dcool:
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02.03.2012 - 15:36
My vote is for other: Olaf Hayer of Luca Turilli/Dionysus/Magic Kingdom dude has gotten better over the years was spectacular in Prophet of the Last Eclipse
Matt Barlow a close second since his voice is just tremendous albeit not the traditional power metal sound but definatley helped Iced Earth become what they are today
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02.03.2012 - 18:22
Daniel Heiman in his Lost Horizon days is my favourite, Jorn Lande and Hansi Kursch after him.
08.03.2012 - 13:37
Written by Druss on 02.03.2012 at 18:22

Daniel Heiman in his Lost Horizon days is my favourite

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13.03.2012 - 21:24
Codera the Great
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Hansi Kürsch's vocals are among the most impeccable I've ever heard period. Even at age 45, his vocals have not weakened AT ALL. One of the greatest singers .
25.03.2012 - 07:53
From that list I went with Matt Barlow, though I'd consider him more of a prog/thrash singer to be honest...then again, it's all interchangable, really.

Not from this list, definitely Kelly Sundown Carpenter. Never ceases to amaze me. I honestly have no idea why he's not more well known. His wikipedia page was even removed for the reason, quote, "non-notable singer, nothing special". That makes me sad. Glad he has finally joined Adagio permanently now. He has been touring them for years as a fill in when the band has had issues with previous singers leaving the country, etc. Can't wait to see what he does with them.
25.03.2012 - 08:20
Had to go with hansi, his voice is just out of this world. barlow would be second he is very different from most power metal singers with his deep vocal style but he can get it up there when he has to
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25.03.2012 - 09:55
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No love for Fabio Lione?
06.07.2012 - 16:31
Blind Guardian is my one of my favourite bands, but how can you choose Hansi over Matt Barlow or Roy Khan? I cant understand... Matt has the best metal singing voice (next to Phil Anselmo and James Hetfield).
10.07.2012 - 00:44
Gotta go with Hansi. He sounds unique. I love Matt Barlowe, but he says 'ah' after every sentence and though it's not too bad if you don't notice it, once you do, you hear it every time. I'm pretty sure he learned it from James Hetfield.
10.07.2012 - 09:07
Written by Guest on 25.03.2012 at 09:55

No love for Fabio Lione?

Fabio is an amazing singer, especially when he sings in his native language, but always amazing no matter what he does*. But I don't know if he's my favorite.

*except for this

I'm going to be predictable and say Daniel Heiman for number one. Listening to him is like sticking my penis in a light socket. In a good way.

Honorable mention to Russel Allen, Hansi, Toni Kakko, Ronnie James Dio (I'm putting him in here because was one of the best power metal singers regardless of whether or not what he sang was de facto power metal), Roy Khan, Jens Carlsson (Savage Circus, Dark Empire and Persuader, but for Savage Circus mostly), Marco Sandron** (Pathosray, but actually more for the most recent Fairyland album), Andre Matos, Eduardo Falaschi. Okay fine, Tobias Sammet, he's pretty awesome. And Kiske. And there could be more if I dipped into the power-prog category but the list is big enough.

What I just realized picking two big fistfuls of my favorite power metal singers is that I don't really love the singers as much as I love the performances that they have done. Singer + Music = A special sort of chemistry that transcends either alone. I don't really like Jens Carlsson for Persuader, although he clearly sounds good with them. Marco Sandron in Pathosray is the same, good but he wouldn't make the list for it. Kiske in not so much. Hansi in Demons And Wizards? Wouldn't make the cut. Russel Allen in Adrenaline Mob? Kakko in Northern Kings? Heiman is just not amazing in that band that he was in after Lost Horizon, I can't even remember and can't be bothered to google it. I seriously hope that Roy Khan gets into a good band where he can express his talent to its fullest again.

Okay I'm going to stop being a nobody on the internet dumping all over metal's finest for their side projects now

** Fuck. Yes.
10.07.2012 - 15:42
Erotic Stains
I have never understood Hansi Kürch's greatness. I think his voice is both hillarious and horrible. Me and my friends actually sometimes put on some Blind Guardian and have a laugh to how bad it is, especially the vocals.
11.07.2012 - 12:20
Written by Stabby on 10.07.2012 at 09:07

Fabio is an amazing singer, especially when he sings in his native language, but always amazing no matter what he does*. But I don't know if he's my favorite.

*except for this

OMG ... I've never heard that efore and god it's awful

I'm still going with Fabio!
12.07.2012 - 05:15
Also Jonny Lindqvist from Nocturnal Rites. He's got the powah

14.07.2012 - 04:49
Kamelot is way badasser
05.08.2012 - 02:28
Where is the greatest singer of all time, DANIEL HEIMAN?!?!?!
30.01.2014 - 05:17
Secundum Filium
No one beats Hansi in my opinion. His vocals have a great balance between harsh aggression and dramatic theatricality that makes him so unique.
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31.01.2014 - 16:02
Mad Arab666
In my opinion it's Roy Khan. His vocal were pretty darn haunting and atmospheric.
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04.02.2014 - 06:52
How is Ralph Scheeper's not an option. He is clearly the best vocalist IMO and should at least be an option. To me he is clearly the best power metal vocalist and dare I say it of all time!
22.11.2014 - 12:53
There are so many I like the more than ones you have listed... Not to say they are bad but...
Daniel Heiman, Kelly Carpenter, Jan Thore Grefstad, Sean Peck to name a few...
23.11.2014 - 01:05
Out of those listed I picked Hansi. But if we're counting Kiske/Helloween in the poll then I think its only fair we should be able to vote Rock n' Rolf too! In which case my two picks outside the poll would probably be Rolf and Timo Kotipelto.
23.11.2014 - 04:53
I'm voting for Hansi Kursch, but that actual best one is the Lost Horizon guy.