Grave Digger - The Last Supper review


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Band: Grave Digger
Album: The Last Supper
Release date: January 2005

01. Passion
02. The Last Supper
03. Desert Rose
04. Grave In The No Man's Land
05. Hell To Pay
06. Soul Savior
07. Crucified
08. Divided Cross
09. The Night Before
10. Black Widows
11. Hundred Days
12. Always And Eternally
13. Sleepless [Limited Edition Digipak bonus]
14. Jeepers Creepers [Limited Edition Digipak bonus]

Once again it's time for a Grave Digger release, this time a not entirely conceptual album, dealing with Jesus throughout some of the songs, but not all. If the title 'The Last Supper' is the most suitable can be argumented about about, but this is certainly not the aim of this review.

The typical structure of the album has been a bit confused since the intro is not followed by a fast song, but by the title track that is mid-paced heavy metal. The second song comes in change as the fast paced power piece that would have been expected in position number one.
Both don't make a very special appeal. Then the hammer falls directly onto the head: 'Grave In The No Man's Land' once you heard that tune you will never forget it, probably one of the Digger's best with one of their most favourite lines of all '...disturbing the air'. The following songs are all rather cathy tunes with good old classic riffing, things you would definitely expect from Grave Digger, especially on the choruses. The later-track-ballad is of course not missing 'Always And Eternally' (twelfth song). In case you have the regular version (not the digipack) this is the last song on the record, but as always it's good to buy the limited digipack, because you get extra songs (two this time) and mostly they add big time to more satisfaction while listening. In this case it's Jeepers Creepers is the way to go.
An old recipe works again, this can be said not only about the way Chris Boltendahl and the other Diggers write their songs also about the conceptuality. As mention in the introduction there are songs that deal with Jesus - his last days and his death - this time the album is not an overall concept, but the songs with that topic are 'dispersed' among the album. The Last Supper gives the album it's title, the dependent songs are: 'Soul Saviour', 'Crucified' and 'Divided Cross'. There is no improvement in the songwriting, but as always you have to understand some songs rather questioning than telling.

All in all a bit better than 'Rheingold'.

Written by Pierre Tombale | 27.08.2005


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Chris Boltendahl and his legion of gravediggers are passing by the town once again, it's now 21 years ago we, for the first time, got a chance to see them, and this year is no exception.
Before the release of 2003's "Rheingold", the Diggers were speaking about a trilogy about the myth of the "Ring of the Nibelungen", and I was 100% sure that this album would be the second part of the trilogy.

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