Avulsed - Eminence In Putrescence review


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Band: Avulsed
Album: Eminence In Putrescence
Release date: November 1996

01. Hidden Perversions
02. Sweet Lobotomy
03. Powdered Flesh
04. Goreality
05. Gangrened Divine Stigma
06. Frozen Meat
07. Ecstacy For Rotten Chunks
08. Killing Astral Projections
09. Bodily Ransack
10. Resistire [Barón Rojo cover]

I thought Avulsed was one of those really average bands with nothing "fresh" to offer for the Metal scene, I was wrong my dear reader. My first Avulsed experience was "Cybergore", a really bizarre (in the bad way) album, filled with annoying effects, cheesy guitar riffs and awful music in general. One of my friends sent "Eminence in Putrescence" a while ago, I never had the guts to hear it (for the reason I already wrote), but now I finally decided to spin it, and damn I love this album.

This album is filled with complex music, jazzy bass-lines, crazy guitar arpeggios, astonishing drumming and really amazing vocal work. Most tracks flow in a really brutal way, still there's a really odd atmosphere towards the music, and the album becomes brutal and catchy at the same time. Yes, this is not complex or layered at all, but hell this album sounds cool, the minimalist solos create "fresher" sound and fill the tune in a really good way, even though those solos are simplistic as shit.

The best track in "Eminence…" is "Powdered Flesh", that intro is one of the best drum/bass solos I've heard in many years, and again, the bass-lines from that intro are really simplistic; "Powdered Flesh" it's a crushing song filled with powerful/catchy guitar riffs, brutal as hell vocals, incredible Drumming and fucking cool Bass playing, every Death Metal fan will love this song for sure.

I loved this release and I'm willing to get more Avulsed albums, everyone should check "Eminence in Putrescence", I know this band has a pitiful fame, but fuck that, I'm judging by this album right now, and I think they are brilliant, so go now and get this release, you'll be head-banging and beating kids in no time I promise.

Best Tracks: "Powdered Flesh", "Killing Astral Projections" (that solo is actually multifaceted, 3:12, good for them), "Hidden Perversions".

Written by Herzebeth | 24.09.2005



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08.01.2014 - 21:32
Classic. This band is so underrated.Decent Death Metal,dot.
Olen täys idiootti jätkä.

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