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Antigama - Zeroland review

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Band: Antigama
Album: Zeroland
Release date: 2005

01. Seed
02. Izaak
03. Jazzy
04. Starshit
05. How
06. The View
07. Wounded Butterfly
08. Sorry
09. Zeroland

This is Antigama's 3rd release to date, that only makes me feel angry because this is the first time I ever hear their awesome music. Antigama plays Grindcore wrapped in all kind of shaped sounds and chaotic noises; this album in particular is a mixture between the most visceral music adorned with a lot of complex structures and incredible musicianship.

"Zeroland" is crushing from the beginning to the end; the amount of complex structures is impressive, the catchy riffing is incredible, the drum-work is really outstanding, the bass-lines are insane and the vocal work is multifaceted as hell (it's like Brutal Truth vs. Cephalic Carnage vs. extra brutality). This release is like a huge rusted nail piercing your ears over and over again. Every single track is amazing; the brutality found in this album is quite unorthodox, you won't hear those boring and tedious blast-beats or hideous guitar riffs; instead you'll find many layered songs, some irregular beats, even some mild progressive overtones and outstanding execution.

The best thing in "Zeroland" is the astonishing musical balance; of course the main vein in this CD is purely Brutal and Violent, but there are some breakdowns and even a couple of tracks adding awesome control to the music, those tracks give the album a lot of chromatic moments and impressive structures. As we may notice, the songwriting is incredible; the music is apparently unsystematic and chaotic, but every single tune is filled with hidden structures and layered backgrounds, for example, you'll be hearing a really aggressive and violent song (Sorry), but half way through a breakdown appears and changes radically the course of the tune by adding electronic bits and chilling backgrounds. So this is a really interesting fact indeed

Antigama is a really good band, their music is really interesting and fresh, you won't find many bands playing this type of Grindcore (they call themselves Avant-grind) so experimentally speaking this band is more than great actually. I highly recommend this album to everyone who's interested in different sounds and fresher music, "Zeroland" is something out of this world trying to drill your brain in a very slowly yet lethal way. You'll love this album no doubt.

Best Tracks: "Jazzy", "Wounded Butterfly", "Sorry".

Written by Herzebeth | 02.11.2005


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