Evereve - Tried & Failed review


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Band: Evereve
Album: Tried & Failed
Release date: 2005

01. Thighs Wide Shut - Overture
02. Tried & Failed
03. You're Mine
04. A Scornful Love
05. Desire
06. Pine Oil Heaven
07. I'm Not Afraid (Of Losing You Again)
08. Anima Sola
09. On Thin Ice
10. Hide From Me
11. Thighs Wide Shut - Reprise
12. Forsaken
13. Before Sunrise
14. Epilogue 2005

After "Seasons" and "Stormbirds" Evereve somehow ceased to amaze me with their releases. I mean sure, what they released in their post-"Stormbirds" era was something good, but definitely not groundbreaking that would make you remain totally satisfied.

After 2003's very interesting "Enetics" Evereve returned with "Tried & Failed" and they achieved exactly the opposite of their new release's title, they tried and succeeded into composing an album where inspiration, emotions/atmosphere, metal and electronics pace together in an ideal way. What is really remarkable is the fact that the guitars remain heavy and distorted and despite the fact that they aren't so powerful as on "Enetics" they make clear that we're talking about a metal release for one more time!

You will find both catchy and more difficult to approach songs in "Tried & Failed", but whether they are easy to approach or not they never fail to remain affected in the structure and sound factor. The use of the piano/keyboards and electro FX is quit genius If may say and high quality of course, especially the keyboard/piano pieces that overrun the album through its whole duration, being more intense and devout or heart-rending and emotional. Anyway, Evereve had affected keyboard/piano melodies since their very beginning and such passages are of their strongest moments in my opinion. The guitar work is really good and remains heavy as I said above, relying mainly on riffs, but offering some soloing ideas here and there at times. The rhythm section lends groove and power and the sound of the drumming is wonderful and paces with the electrocuted atmosphere. Michael Zeiss, keyboardist of the band since 1993 who decided to stand behind the microphone since "E-Mania", offers his best interpretation and seems flawless, sounding melodic and soulful, but having more "aggressive" passages as well.

The production is very good and suits the feeling of the album, strengthening the already very good compositions. Every single instrument is vivid in the final mix and its sound is well-thought and well-executed. The lyrics deal with fragile human situations and they are written in a melancholic and poetic or simplistic vein and along with the pessimistic artwork that fits the title everything seems complete.

The highlights of the album are not only a few but quite many if I may say, some of them quite upbeat and dynamic, some others emotional and touching or somewhere in between. Well, the highlights in my humble opinion have to be the dynamic/emotional "Tried and Failed" and "You're Mine", the more groovy and upbeat "Pine Oil Heaven", "Forsaken", "On Thin Ice" and "I'm Not Afraid (Of Losing You Again)" and the deeply emotional/melancholic "A Scornful Love" and the esoteric and doleful "Anima Sola".

The gothic metal audience should definitely check this album and especially the fans of the band because Evereve released a really wonderful album that will touch you with its intensity and emotional atmosphere.


Written on 26.12.2005 by "It is myself I have never met, whose face is pasted on the underside of my mind."


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05.06.2008 - 19:38
Angel Of Rage
Angel Of Rage
This is a good album. I love "A Scornful Love". The rest of the album has amazing tracks and the sound refreshes the ideas of their fans about their style. I recommend it!

Oh, I also recommend to listen to "Forsaken". Great sound and atmosphere.
Now it's time to... rock!!!!!
12.08.2012 - 01:39
It's definately another style than on "Seasons", "Stormbirds" or "Regrets" but i like this one too. Particulary for such song as You're Mine, Pine Oil Heaven and Anima Sola.

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