Temple Of Baal - Traitors To Mankind review


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Band: Temple Of Baal
Album: Traitors To Mankind
Release date: 2005

01. Living Fleshthrone
02. Traitors To Mankind
03. Graveyard Of Disgust
04. Bleeding Thoughts
05. Under The Spell
06. Visions Of Carnage
07. Crawling In Blood And Puke
08. Bitter Days
09. Death Inquisition
10. Flames Of Baal

I must confess that "Servant Of The Beast" the precedent album of Temple O Baal was exceptionally boring for me. The production (probably to sound "troo" if you see what I mean) was terrible and really even after a lot of tries I came to the conclusion that this release was simply not for someone like me. But I got lately their new one and this time I took a big kick in my ass, this is not the same bandů

I don't think that I'm wrong if I say that we have Black Metal today because we had first Thrash Metal. So it's not really surprising to see more and more bands that mix, or do a return to the roots maybe, those two musical styles. This is the case of Temple Of Baal that produces this time an excellent album of Thrash/Black Metal. I'm sure that a lot of you already know and love some bands like Aura Noir right? Well then if it is the case you'll have to count on Temple Of Baal now, their music is clearly different now but definitely better in my opinion.

The ten tracks of the CD mix slow, middle and fast tempos and it's a good thing because the album is not linear. Those variations give some interesting dark breaks but don't bother anyway we're still in front of a Black Metal band and the furious passages aren't missing too. On the other hand as I said before, the sound of Temple Of Baal is definitely more Thrashy now. The voice of the singer is not so high on this release and above all the riffs are just really great. It's catchy, dynamic and the good Thrashy guitars solos are so efficient that it is really to forget them.

When I see the work of Ludo Tournier for the production, when I see the work of the members of the band to produce something original and not boring,I have one wish now, I hope that I will see Temple Of Baal soon in live because I'm sure that their new songs will simply be amazing live.

"Traitors To Mankind" is the living proof that a band can have a good evolution, mutation whatever, and this new CD will probably catch some new listeners (me the first). I don't say that the "old" Temple Of Baal was bad, I'm quite sure that it was perfect for some of you but in my opinion this new version is clearly better and I'm ready to bet some litters of beer that a lot of people will agree with me. Fan of Black/Thrash Metal, don't miss "Traitors To Mankind" or let the shame flood your conscience.

Written by Jeff | 12.01.2006


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