Angrepp - Libido review


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Band: Angrepp
Album: Libido
Release date: October 2014

01. Hellführers Fuckcunt
02. Roadkill Glory
03. Hugg Alla
04. Straffet
05. Liberated Intoxicated
06. True Old Soul
07. Party In Hell
08. Libido

Ahhh, black metal and punk, when that combo is done right, it's like tasting Oreos for the first time all over again. Crunchy, yet sweetly addictive.

You know what's even better than hearing it done right? Hearing it in a way that's not been overdone yet. Though done with a similar spirit, Angrepp take a totally different approach to this cross-pollination than say Toxic Holocaust or Kvelertak. Libido is the sound of Panzer Division-era Marduk playing thrashed-out punk, rather than a fifty-fifty split between the two. Take the black metal buzzsaw guitar tones, play it with a ferocity that puts Joel Grind to shame, then inject the infectiousness of Kvelertak, or maybe even a little Glorior Belli (minus the blues influence). Above all else, the riffs here absolutely. Fucking. Rip.

...Which makes Libido an album to be torn over. Awesome riffs repeated for five minutes a piece...Yeah, they start to lose steam. This is coming from a huge fan of punk, and an even bigger fan of metal-punk crossbreeding; punk typically doesn't do very well in long intervals. The riffs are totally raging, the solos interspersed are equally a rip-roaring good time, and the vocals are the perfect match to boot. However, each track probably could have been wrapped up in around three minutes without losing any power. Libido might just be the most repetitive album you'll hear all year.

Judging by riff-writing alone, Libido is worth a secure ten-out-of-ten. The repetitive nature of the album beats those riffs - and thus the whole driving force behind the album - to death. It's your call.


Written on 30.08.2014 by Former EIC. Now just a reviewer guy.


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30.08.2014 - 18:24
I like the sound of this.
I'll be picking this one up for sure.
Blut & Krieg
30.08.2014 - 22:45
Account deleted
Awwww yeaaaaaa. This be mah jam.
31.08.2014 - 02:14
Giant robot
You keep using names I like to hear. I feel as if I could trust you on this one. I'll try it.
02.09.2014 - 22:51
You had my attention at 'black metal and punk'. I like the sound of their debut; I'll be giving this a listen as soon as I can.

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