Benighted - Insane Cephalic Production review

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Band: Benighted
Album: Insane Cephalic Production
Release date: 2004

01. Bestial Breeding
02. Stay Brutal
03. Foetus
04. Deviant
05. Perpetual Cannibalism
06. Self-Proclaimed God
07. Dementia (The Precocious Symptoms Of Mental Perversion)
08. Phlebotomized
09. Insane Cephalic Production
10. Insomnies
11. Banished [bonus]
12. Running Man [bonus]

Benighted is born in 1998 after the meeting of some musicians of the bands Darkness Fire, Osgiliath and Dishumanized. Benighted is a band of "Brutal Death Metal", no doubt on that it's very easy when you push play on your stereo to see in like 3 second that you have here something well… very aggressive… "Insane Cephalic Prod" is the 3rd album of that French band through Adipocere Record [after Benighted in 2000 and Psychosis 2001 [Adipoce]]. For sure the Extreme metal lovers will enjoy that album of pure violence that, however; don't forget, melodic and technical music.

If I must talk about the production of that album first, well I can only congratulate the good work of the musicians but also of their producer Christian Kholemansleiner [Agathodaimon, Destinity, Ad Inferna…]. The sound is extremely powerful, without any problems on it… It's clean well done, very professional… well it's just something that we could call "a good studio work". Yes we have a very good production with that "Insane Cephalic Prod" and it's a good thing for that kind of music.

The songs are all very "heavy" very violent, the guitars riff are cutting like a razor blade and come from the deepest dark pit of the imagination of the authors. For sure the songs of Benighted in addition of its extreme violence, are also made in the tradition of the pure dark music. We have true Death metal with that band…
The guitars solo are very well done, the drums and the bass are also very present another time with have just some good music with Benighted… Great job guys…
The voice of the singer is also very good when he sings in Death Metal "mode" but on the other hand I don't like a lot the Grind/Black parts of the vocals… It's certainly a personal feeling and I'm sure that the aficionados of the style will like it…but well it's just too much for my ears…
At the end if I must talk about the only problem I can only talk about the length of the Album. Damn only 35 min for 10 tracks… I know that is a real habit with a lot of Extreme metal bands but well that's just a shame sometime… And well it's a real pity to only have 35 min of music.

As a conclusion I will recommend this excellent album of Brutal Death Metal to all the Metal Heads who like this kind of music. It's well done, with a killer production and great musicians, then you just need to have it, nothing more to say…

Written by Jeff | 22.03.2004


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