Falling Silence - Dog's Life review

Band: Falling Silence
Album: Dog's Life
Release date: 2003

01. Dog's Life
02. The Same For Everyone
03. Sientate Un Momento
04. And The Beauty Of Black Covered Everything
05. Lost Animals
06. Special Thanks To The Shit
07. One Against All
08. Burning The Pedestals
09. The Back Of The Medal
10. Nelle Mie Note (Tutta La Rabbia)
11. AsPerfect As You Want Us
12. Trapailleros Forajidos
13. The Darkness Look For Us, Call Us And Tempt Us
14. This Is Our Rage
15. Can't Live Without Water

The cover of this album has to be the less Metal-looking Cd art of all times, and Falling Silence were right to put this cover on their second official album, because this isn't Metal at all. What these guys are doing can be described better as a mix of Hardcore, Nu-Metal and a doze of the real deal, i.e. Heavy Metal.

The music alternates between the female vocals of Lore and the male vocals of Seba. Both vocals are angst driven, so don't expect operatic or angelic voices.
The inside art layout in the booklet is awful, crappy pictures of the band with the lyrics on top, the only pictures I found cute the ones of the little girl (the same that appears in the cover), which I presume is the daughter of Lore, the female vocalist, I know there's no space for cuteness in Metal, but hey, I got a heart too!

Well, besides that, I'm sorry but the music is just not my cup of tea, the chugga-chugga guitars and the angst-driven vocals don't amuse me at all. One good asset though, is that lyrics are singed in 3 languages, English, Italian and a sort of Spanish Dialect, very similar to Spanish, but I can't guess what is it.

If you're searching for some real Metal here, well, look elsewhere, nothing to see here, unless you like some Alternative metal, with a more commercial overtone to it.

Written by Undercraft | 23.03.2004


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