Wasteform - Ignorance Through Sovereignty review

Band: Wasteform
Album: Ignorance Through Sovereignty
Release date: January 2004

01. Prelude To Apocalypse
02. Ignorance Through Sovereignty
03. Of Blind Consequence
04. Built For The Kill
05. Faith Is Dead
06. Cycles Of Tyranny
07. Victims Bleeding
08. In The Shadows Of Resurgence
09. The Wraith
10. Indulge Divergent Senses

The United States Of America is trying to revive their long lost throne of Heavy Metal capital, in the eighties the States were the cradle of many, many successful bands, bands that reinvented the genre, but suddenly that changed, the censorship and many other facts made the Metal community place their eyes on Europe, leaving USA in oblivion. Later trying to recapture their past glory, USA become birthplace of the infamous Nu Metal, but that's another story.

Also, in the last years some bands tried to emerge from the USA scene, but few has succeeded in such endeavor. We have here another who wants a shot to be in the big leagues, Wasteform from New York.

Basically, Wasteform plays Brutal Death Metal, with some technical passages and a hint of Metalcore. The result? A waste of my time.
Wasteform doesn't bring anything new to the genre, they just try to play as rapid and furious as they can, sure is brutal, sure is viciously fast and sure is anger etched in every single riff, but sometimes that's not all you need to make a great record.

The production is also funny, the bass lines are in the front and the vocals are more in the back, the vocals, as always in this type of albums, are undecipherable.
I can't really point any song that I really liked, since practically every song sounded the same to me, grunts, rapid drums, chunky riffs and up-fronted bass lines.
One thing I can assure to all, Wasteform is not going to be the band that brings USA back to the glory days, that's for sure.

Written by Undercraft | 30.04.2004


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