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Band: Death
Album: Individual Thought Patterns
Release date: June 1993

Disc I
01. Overactive Imagination
02. In Human Form
03. Jealousy
04. Trapped In A Corner
05. Nothing Is Everything
06. Mentally Blind
07. Individual Thought Patterns
08. Destiny
09. Out Of Touch
10. The Philosopher

Disc II [Live In Germany - April 13th, 1993] [Reissue bonus]
01. Leprosy
02. Suicide Machine
03. Living Monstrosity
04. Overactive Imagination
05. Flattening Of Emotions
06. Within The Mind
07. In Human Form
08. Lack Of Comprehension
09. Trapped In A Corner
10. Zombie Ritual
+ Individual Thought Patterns - Studio Outtake
    1 - The Exorcist

Disc III [Four Track Demos - Chuck & Gene - December 1992] [Reissue bonus]
01. Overactive Imagination
02. In Human Form
03. The Philosopher
04. Trapped In A Corner
05. Individual Thought Patterns
06. Jealousy
07. Nothing Is Everything
08. Destiny
09. Mentally Blind
10. Out Of Touch
+ Individual Thought Patterns - Chuck's Riff Tape - 1992
    1 - In Human Form
    2 - The Philosopher
    3 - Trapped in a Corner

There it is the fifth album of Death in six years. The band hasn't had an album the year before releasing this one and they didn't waste their time much, touring the world, being kept busy as hell throughout the whole time. It is explainable then, that this would be probably Death's weakest album. Not that it is a bad album. It is just that Death are so good, that this release is not one, which could go into one's collection of Death albums on the top shelf, it will go on the lowest one.

What is the problem? The guys can't organize their music very good, due to lack of overall music inspiration. They can't quite make a good team. Taken one by one every instrument is played superbly, the blaring, fast and precise drumming, the bass is ok and the rhythm guitar provides the lead one with a good support. Chuck still has his solos performed and they are as magnificent as they have been from day one. One can hear some good riffs too. The song arrangement is the problem, it doesn't get the pieces well together and the result can be heard on "Individual?".

This is bad album only for the standards of Death, otherwise it is a smashing performance, definitely worth hearing. It is a must, of course for everyone, who is fascinated with the phenomenon Death.

Written by Yanko | 15.09.2003


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Angry with all the crap evolving around Death (not being able to do the UK tour in the height of the Extravaganza tour of Europe due to financial irresponsibility of people "who did business in the band," then as a result a $14,000 debt, and just all those mendacious and greedy people in the music industry), Chuck teamed up with King Diamond guitarist Andy LaRoque, ex-Dark Angel drummer Gene Hoglan, and the fretless bass maestro Steve DiGiorgio (who also performed on the previous album Human) and recorded a masterpiece called Individual Thought Patterns.

published 22.07.2008 | Comments (12)


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18.07.2007 - 03:16
Sonic Titan
Account deleted
i kinda agree i mean its not bad but its not as good as there other cds but id give this one a better rating because it is still good but its just hard to compare to the other ones because of how great they are this is still better than leprosy in my opinion though
26.07.2007 - 08:25
Joey Jo Jo
Piece of shit
I'm surprised Yanko said the bass is ok.... Steve DiGiorgio is the best bassist Death ever had, which is saying something. He's practically a virtuoso and really shows it off here. Individual Thought Patterns is a good album, but it lacks general direction. It has an all star cast, and it shows. The music is played perfectly, but the songs just lack identity.
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26.07.2007 - 12:41
I dont have a problem with the tracklist and the way its set up as the reviewer that makes this album and 8.5 from me, Steve Digorgio does some really nice bass and hes very fast...
27.07.2007 - 02:11
Lactation Cnslt
This review is really gay to the max. I'm not one of those people that worship this band, but I think this album deserves a higher rating. I don't find it disorganized at all, and they managed to keep a fresh sound by progressing.
30.07.2007 - 08:44
It is just not as heavy as that past albums. Chuck takes a slightly cleaner approach on his vocals, Chuck managed to write great thought-provoking lyrics, almost more incredible than "Human". It has a nice melodic mood to it, killer bass work, excellent guitar solos with alot of feeling. I didn't like it all to much on the first two listens, but now I have come to really appreciate the compositions. "Destiny" has the most beautiful opening, and "Jealousy","Trapped In A Corner" and "The Philosopher" are my favorite tracks. Defnitley underrated the album.

Intestinally Punctured Smurf
02.10.2007 - 19:26
dark awakening
I don't agree with the rating; this is probably the most technique Death album; only for the presence of Steve DiGiorgio and Gene Hoglan in the line-up and for tracks like "Overactive Imagination" and "The Philosopher" this album deserves a 9.5
Baptized in a lake of acid tears...
05.10.2007 - 04:43
I disagree with the score on this album. This is actually my favorite Death album, and I would recommend it to anyone into death metal, not just 'fascinated with the phenomenom that is Death'.
I do agree that sometimes the songs sound as though not all the instruments fit perfectly, but in some ways, it adds to the complexity of the album, and is actually a positive. I thought Sound of Perserverance blended together almost too well, and the result was an album that got somewhat old after repeated listens.
18.10.2007 - 22:36
Lone wanderer
Written by dark awakening on 02.10.2007 at 19:26

I don't agree with the rating; this is probably the most technique Death album; only for the presence of Steve DiGiorgio and Gene Hoglan in the line-up and for tracks like "Overactive Imagination" and "The Philosopher" this album deserves a 9.5

Man, I dont know WTF is wrong with me, or with this Yanko dude, but it seems I disagree with almost every review he wrote about Death. First he claims Death play thrash metal, now ITP is their worst album..... What?
No, ITP is one of their best albums, and as you said, just the fact that Steve D. and Gene Hoglan played on it, says enough.....
13.01.2008 - 14:34
Account deleted
Well it looks like the writer of the article hates Death. To me it is theis best album a bit better than ALL their other works which also deserve a 10. But this album is magnificent. Technically it is the best work death ever did, the songs don't look the same, the lyrics are very good and we can also say that this is not as so prog album i don't see any prog signs. It is also the last album before Chuck started to lighten up his vocals.. At least a note of 11/10!
19.03.2008 - 05:46
Account deleted
This review is a joke and people who down this album because it so called "lacks heaviness and direction" don't know what there talking about and shouldn't really comment or review stellar albums such as this. Hell you shouldn't be listening to music period if you don't like this album.
19.09.2008 - 08:38
Bitter Peace
Wow. I've never so strongly disagreed with a review. I think this is Death's best album by far. Saying the bass on this album is "ok" is a complete insult to Death & Steve. I mean come on, every since I heard this album I wanted to get a fretless bass. The bass is not only technical, but very tastefully written, and perfectly composed: his bass riffs pop up in all of the perfect places at the perfect time. Andy's solo is Trapped in Corner is Death's best solo. This album has the best drumming, and by far the best riffs, Chuck's vocals are perfect, and the lyrics are really interesting, more so than other Death albums. This album to me represents Chuck's greatest accomplishment of his life. This album will always be a 10 to me.
20.10.2008 - 16:12
You must be crazy. Please don't read that review. This album is a perfect combination of technique and brutallity. Great production, perfect musicians, great lyrics... Can't stop headbanging..
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19.02.2009 - 23:49
A bad review from someone who doesn't know about metal. At all. He asks for the sterilization of free and beautiful art.
26.02.2010 - 03:57
Angelic Storm
This is my fave Death album, along with "Scream Bloody Gore", so I obviously don't agree with this review.

I see this album as Death's masterpiece, and not even their amazing final 2 albums can quite top it. Definitely one of my absolute favourite albums of all time!

I know reviews are basically just opinions, so arguing with them seems pretty stupid. But saying Steve Digiorgio's bass playing on this album is merely ''okay"?? He delivers one the finest bass performances Ive ever heard, on ITP. He adds more colour, and texture to the songs. As opposed to just a heavy bottom end like so many other bass players do. The bass playing is insane, especially on "Jealousy" which is just jaw dropping! Steve is rightly regarded as one of metal's most gifted bass players, and his performance on this album is probably the ultimate proof of that. I cant see how even anyone who hated the album, could deny the extraordinary bass skills shown on it. *shrugs*
12.05.2010 - 23:01
Liver Failure
Always nice to laugh at angry fanboys

member of the true crusade against old school heavy metal, early 80s thrash, NWOBHM, traditional doom, first and second wave black metal, old school death metal, US power metal, 70s prog rock and atmospheric doomsludgestoner. o/
22.12.2017 - 20:42
This is one bull shit review !!! i will feel satisfied if you delete it .
this is thank you for Chuck's (R.I.P) hard work ? asshole ☢ ☢ ☢ ☢ ☢

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