Icycore - Wetwired review


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Band: Icycore
Album: Wetwired
Release date: May 2004

01. Wetwired
02. Upload
03. The Net
04. Visions Of Numeric Life
05. The Hollow Men
06. Watchdog & Virus
07. Chrome [feat. Terence Holler]
08. Redefine Stru
09. A New Gestalt
10. Watch Me Now
11. Inner Void
12. Eternal Unlife

Power/Progressive from Italy, that's unusualů. NOT. It's becoming the most usual genre from Italy these days, but since the bands is good and that they making good albums, I'm not complaining.
I guess this is the result of the big success Eldritch had in Italy, and that many bands is in age for living under the time Dream Theater was in their top.
One new additional to the Power/Progressive Italy is Icycore, that with "Wetwired" finally, after 2 years, releasing their debut.

Icycore was formed back in 1998 in Pisa by guitarist Tiziano Romano & drummer Alessandro Bracaloni, both fans of bands like Megadeth, Dream Theater, Queensrÿche & local heroes Eldritch.
And with Alessandro's girlfriend & bassist, Lisa Oliviero (Also in Eldritch) they created Icycore.
Short after the search for a singer started, and they got jackpot, both a skilled singer and a second guitarist. Valerio Voliani had a voice perfect for the band and Davide Alberti on second guitar.
And up to that time, Lisa's old friend had helped the band with the keys, but now then did they find permanent keyboarder in Andrea Baroni, and the line-up was complete.
In 1999 Icycore released their demo "Altered Feelings" which became a success, and Underground Symphony contacted the band and promised to pay for the recordings of a full-length album.
The album was recorded, but Underground had some problems and kept postpone the release again and again.
During that time Icycore played a lot live and had their first line-up change, second guitarist, Davide Alberti, had to move and quitted the band, and was replaced by Francesco Caprina.
The finally Limb Music got the rights to Icycore and could release the album "Wetwired" in May 2004.

You might wonder what I mean with "Cyber Power/Progressive Metal", but let me, shortly, explain that to you, if you haven't checked the Tracklist yet; the theme (if there is any) is about computers, viruses and a cover art where a lot of cables is sticking out of a mouth of a guy, then what word describes that better than "cyber"?
And then that the web page is very "Cyberish" don't make is any "better".

The music it said to sound like early Dream Theater, and I'm not much for DT, all I heard is the album "Images and Words" from the early period, and I can't say that this sounds like anything even near that.
This is more standard Italy Power/Progressive, much like bands like Eldritch (I guess this is more how the used to sound), Revoltons and such bands.
But ok, all of those have some DT and Queensÿche, but the similarities aren't that big.

Overall the album is good, quite hard to understand in the beginning, it needs time to grow, but when you have played it some times the songs starts to become better.
But there is some that's good even the first spin; the song "The Hollow Men" is one of those, a ballad that really caught my attention. Otherwise it's need time.

Another thing worth mention is that Eldritch and Icycore is now on the same label, the released their albums the same month and the have the same bassist.
And so did Terence Holler (vocals) from Eldritch guest this album, with lead vocals on the seventh track, "Chrome". Quite good for Icycore since Eldritch was one of their influences, don't you think?

So if you're into Power/Progressive metal from Italy, like Eldritch and Progressive Metal in general, this is a release for you. And maybe you'll hear more Dream Theater then I hear.
Check it out; it's really something for the fans.

Favourite songs: Hard choice, I have no real favourites should be "The Hollow Men" then, but any superb songs aren't present.

Written by Malcolm | 18.06.2004


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