Celtic Legacy - Resurrection review


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Band: Celtic Legacy
Album: Resurrection
Release date: October 2003

01. The Fallen
02. Live By The Sword
03. Guardian Angel
04. Resurrection
05. Children Of The Sky
06. Timeless
07. Sloipephuch Doin
08. Shine
09. Always The Hero
10. Emania - Shadows Of Moonlight
11. When A Stranger Comes

The history behind this band is quite intriguing, they released a debut album back in 1998, and after that they split up in 2001, the reason was the constant line-up changes and the lack of support shown by the Metal fans in Ireland. A fan in Germany however, was really pissed over about the breaking up of one of his favorite bands, so he launched a fundraising campaign to finance the reunion of Celtic Legacy and the recording of a new album, is that's not love, I don't what it is.

Thanks to this German fan, (I can't find his name nowhere, sorry) Celtic legacy was back on business and recorded this, their sophomore album, properly entitled "Resurrection".
So is my job to find out if this German dude did us a favor or sent us a curse in a form of a Cd.

Well, after a couple of listens I found out this Cd to be quite acceptable, Heavy Metal inspired in the works of Iron Maiden, Manowar, Thin Lizzy among others. They use this influences and mix it with some other elements from their folklore, but just little things not enough to consider this a Folk Metal act.

Vocals and musicianship are quite good I must ay, maybe the music has some clichés I've been trying to avoid lately, but still it sounds damn good, songs like "Live By The Sword", "Guardian Angel" and the 10 minute epic title song "Resurrection" will stick in your mind foe days after you hear them.

I'm not a fan of this kind of heavy Metal to be honest with all of you, but I know when to recognize good stuff when I hear it, and Celtic Legacy got it, they have talent and I'm sure that tons of persons are loving this record right now. The only question remaining is, do you think you'll love this album? Are you a fan of classic heavy Metal and a fan of the after mentioned bands? If you are, then I recommend this records, but if you absolutely hate heavy Metal, listen to it once just out of curiosity, I'm sure you're not gonna like it.

Written by Undercraft | 09.12.2004


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