Rallypack - Sod Off God We Believe In Our Rockband review

Band: Rallypack
Album: Sod Off God We Believe In Our Rockband
Release date: 2004

01. Pissman
02. Long Ride
03. Book Of Instructions
04. Luke Skywalker
05. 7 Eleven Shaolin
06. Piss On The Piano
07. La Samba Mei
08. And In The Car
09. I Honestly Understand Shit
10. I Love You
11. Traktor
12. Do Me A Gonzales
+ Videos Of "Luke Skywalker" And "Traktor"
+ Some behind The scenes clips

I know all of you Swedes (at least those around 18) know about a band called LOK, but the rest of you I'm not that sure, they sung on Swedish and became very popular here in Sweden a few years ago. But today they are dead and out of the ashes a new band has risen, with two of the members of LOK, singer Martin and bassist Daniel.

LOK's music could be described as a Hard Poppy Nu-Metal with rap-vocals in Swedish, that kind of music (Nu-Metal, Rap in harder music) wasn't that big here when LOK came and they became famous in whole Sweden.
The new band, Rallypack, is more Alternative Rock with many strange influences, it's Nu-Metal and it's pop and many other strange genres.
But the most outstanding thing has to be that there are no guitars. It's vocals, bass and drums but no guitars; instead it's a distorted electric cello (!).

But Martin has also change language; in Rallypack it's English, not Swedish lyrics, so I guess this might be heard wider from Sweden than LOK did. But if it will strike in Europe I'm not sure about, personally I don't think so, first of all I don't think there will be any ads outside of Sweden, second I'm not sure than any others than new fashion Swedes will like it.

I liked LOK for like 2 weeks then I grew very tired of them and haven't liked them since, and for Rallypack it's almost the same, except that I never liked them. Sure this debut is pretty entertaining, but that's not because the music is very good, it's more because of their mixture between serious and unserious parts.

This debut contains some songs that done pretty well in Sweden, and it's mostly the first single, "Luke Skywalker" that stoke quite big (place no.36 in a Swedish Radio Single-top), but also the second single "Traktor" has done well, and I think people outside of Sweden heard that song as well. And even the album has done well, in the same Radio top, this album conquer no.7 the first week.

I won't bore you anymore, I'll just recommend Swedes that liked LOK to at least check out Martin and Daniel's new band Rallypack, maybe you'll like this too.
And all of you around the globe, are you into Nu-Metal and Alternative Rock of all it's kinds, try Rallypack, they might fit you very well.

Check Out: "Book of Instructions", "Luke Skywalker", "La Samba Mei" & "I Love You".

Written by Malcolm | 01.01.2005


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