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Band: Theocracy
Album: Theocracy
Release date: 2003

01. Prelude
02. Ichthus
03. The Serpent's Kiss
04. Mountain
05. Theocracy
06. The Healing Hand
07. Sinner
08. New Jerusalem
09. The Victory Dance
10. Twist Of Fate

Do you know how always we hear about these one-man bands? One guy that does everything in a band, he plays every instrument and records the stuff himself etc. the thing is that in most of cases these one-man bands are Black Metal projects, you never see a, let's say, one-man Power Metal or Progressive band right? Well, let me introduce you to Matt Smith, don't let the common surname deceive you, he's no ordinary man, he's the mastermind and only composer of Theocracy debut album, impressed? Wait, there's more.

Mr. Smith handles all the musical duties, songwriting and of course, playing the instruments, he took care of all lead and choir vocals, all guitar parts (electric and acoustic) and solos, bass, all keyboards and all drum programming. This was when they recorded this Cd back in 2003, now the band has a bass player and a drummer.

The lyrical base of Theocracy is Christianity, so I guess this makes it Christian Metal, that doesn't bothers me at all, I mean, not all Metal can be affiliated with Satan or pagan deities right? I must clarify that while this is clearly Christian, is not cheesy, just in case you though of Stryper or other bands that gave a bad name to Christianity back in the eighties. Anyway, a good change from all the "evil" stuff I've been receiving lately.

Musically, this reminds me of acts like Symphony X, Edguy and Avantasia, the Progressive touches are there always, the choirs are great but not exaggerate or hyper epic like Rhapsody or any Hollywood Metal act. Opener "Ichthus" is a great example of how Theocracy sounds, as a matter of fact, this guy has a good concept of what elements makes a good Power/Progressive Metal album, the album has fast and slow songs, aggressive and calm parts, epic and modest passages, lengthy and short songs, he has researched well what people likes and put it on his album.

Other songs like the excellent 12 minute epic "The Serpent's Kiss" or the speed fest "Theocracy" will make your day, closer "Twist Of fate" also deserves an honorable mention here. Songs are varied, there's no shadow of doubt, although I'm strayed from the genre, this album appeals me, and I think is great, it has been a long time since a Power/Progressive album impressed me, I guess it was about time that someone did it, Mr. Smith and Theocracy surely did.

Now think, I don't really like Power Metal (at least not now), I try to stay away from these kind of releases. A person that don't like the genre, but still, likes this album very much!
If me, a person that doesn't like the genre, likes this, imagine you all Power Metal freaks… you're gonna LOOVE this! Get this or die.

Written by Undercraft | 06.03.2005



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14.04.2008 - 16:30
This album is amazing. And it's impressive the fact that was made by just one man!
Looking forward to his next album, now with a full band!

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