Ordalia - II II II review

Band: Ordalia
Album: II II II
Website: http://www.ordalia.8m.net/index.htm
Release date: September 2004

01. Muirosnes Off
02. Creatures In Pain
03. Astral Desire
04. Extreme Madness
05. Isolated
06. Frost

It's not so easy to classify Ordalia, a band that comes from Bolivia. They play a really weird mix of Heavy Metal and Doom I think. Well anyway we don't have to classify a band to say if it is good or not. With their last EP "II II II" at least I can say that Ordalia is not a bad band even if this album suffers of some little problems.

"II II II" is really original and actually I even don't know if I can put this album in a category. For sure they have a lot of influences from Heavy to Doom and even Folk Metal but Ordalia has if own sound and that's a good thing. Just imagine some percussions with some guitars melodies with vocals spoken or not but also some piano, all that with some different rhythm. It's really progressive and avant-gardist but also and that's one of the problems of the band, a bit messy and not really structured sometime. However the EP is not bad at all and Ordalia plays a really original music.

This time, the recording of "II II II" is better than their 2 others album (it's impossible to listen to their first one "Epitaphios" for example, the production is one of the worst that I ever heard…) but it's not perfect again. Too bad because it's really important, I mean that we, the reviewers, will always find a good thing in an album but the basic listener who have to buy a CD always want the perfection. It's not perfect here but it's coming and it's a good thing.

Ordalia is an original band, really underground and not so easy of access but I think that we have some good stuff in this album. I don't know if it will be easy for them to find a lot of success but if you're looking for something really original you could have a look on this album, though remember that it is really really special for a basic listener.

Written by Jeff | 15.10.2005


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