October Falls - Marras - Eight Hymns For Sheol And Nature review

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Band: October Falls
Album: Marras - Eight Hymns For Sheol And Nature
Release date: February 2005

01. Marras I
02. Marras II
03. Marras III
04. Marras IV
05. Marras V
06. Marras VI
07. Marras VII
08. Marras VIII

This album left me speechless, a great piece filled with ambience and atmospheres created with magnificent strings. This CD is ethereal in many ways, every single piece of music creates a new surface and draws new locations for the listener; all the chords presented in Marras… are executed in a surrealistic way producing all kinds of feelings in the audience.

This is my first time with October Falls, and I really hope it's not the last one, the music is a mixture between sad and happy thoughts and feelings, the atmospheres in this record can be warm in one moment and then in the next second everything sounds cold and really grim, so even in that matter October Falls is a versatile band, creating hundreds of feelings, atmospheres, and reactions. You'll be drowned in musical forms created and produced only to wrap the mind of the human in all kind of emotions and feelings.

The execution is quite amazing as well, there's no flaw in the performance or in the sound within Marras…, everything is really polished in a professional way, I just wish the production could have been a little better in the volumes matter that's all. The layout is simple really, only 2 pages showing a calm river and a vast forest, nothing more, but this is a great representation of where the album can and will transport you, the setting wrapping this album starts and ends in nature that's for sure.

I highly recommend this record for everyone willing to experiment with surrealistic music, you won't be disappointed, just remember what you're getting yourself into, ambiance is not for everyone remember that, open your mind a little bit and then prepare yourself for a beautiful journey towards the music of October Falls, I Am sure you won't be disappointed at all.

Final Verdict: just beautiful and amazing.

Best Tracks: The whole album is beautiful.

Written by Herzebeth | 16.12.2005



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24.09.2007 - 00:11
a friend recommended it, found it on soulseek, and just loved it so much i am looking everywhere for a copy of it.
26.10.2010 - 08:49
Doit Like Bernie
Great album but it's too damn short!
04.09.2011 - 11:52
Meh, this one never really did anything for me. Kinda boring.
29.04.2014 - 16:36
Account deleted
Written by Slayer666 on 04.09.2011 at 11:52

Meh, this one never really did anything for me. Kinda boring.

your name is slayer666, this was never going to be that kind of metal
01.05.2014 - 09:18
no one
Account deleted
Must give this a listen as i thought "The Plague Of A Coming Age" wasn't too bad

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