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Opposition Party - Zombified review

Band: Opposition Party
Album: Zombified
Release date: October 2005

01. Zombie
02. Taking Us For Fools
03. Ignorance
04. Brain Fucked
05. Control Your Mind
06. Ever Wonder Why
07. It's Chaos
08. Because
09. Not The Way To Live
10. Land Of Hope And Glory
11. As Good As Dead

When I opened the envelop that contained this CD and then saw the cover I thought "well, a zombie with demonic teeth and a jar with a brain and a mysterious substance? This band must be something like Melodic Death Metal ala Dark Tranquility" I couldn't be more wrong my dear reader, when I pushed play in my stereo I found Thrash Metal at its oddest best.

This guys from Singapore used to play Punk apparently, Zombified has nothing to do with Punk except from a couple of drum patterns, but the overall music is one of the most aggressive ways to play Thrash Metal; to make an analogy lets use Anthrax, do you remember how this guys used to sound in their early days? They used to play with raw feelings and with a lot of musical strength, well Opposition Party is just like that but with better vocalizations, imagine a battering machine beating down buildings with people still inside…that's how this album sounds like more o less.

Musically this band is very good actually, the riffing is catchy and the solos are complex (not long solos though, they should increase the length of their leads if you ask me) the drumming has punk patterns here and there but overall the drummer manages to increase the power in each track, then he finishes with one of the most crushing beats I've ever heard in Thrash Metal; the thing that impressed me the most was the bass-lines, the bass player has great power and awesome experience in this instrument, every single bass-line sounds really loud and supreme without drowning the other instruments. You should hear tracks like Ignorance or Brain Fucked to understand the actual power and strength of the bass.

Overall this is a good album, it's good to see barely known bands releasing quality in their music, so if you are a Metal Thrashing Mad buy this album as soon as possible, you won't regret it believe me.

Best Tracks: "Ignorance", "Control Your Mind", "Zombie"

Written by Herzebeth | 28.12.2005


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