Iron Maiden - Ed Hunter review


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Band: Iron Maiden
Album: Ed Hunter
Release date: July 1999

Disc I [Music]

01. Iron Maiden [live]
02. The Trooper
03. The Number Of The Beast
04. Wrathchild
05. Futureal
06. Fear Of The Dark
07. Be Quick Or Be Dead
08. 2 Minutes To Midnight
09. Man On The Edge
10. Aces High
11. The Evil That Men Do
12. Wasted Years
13. Powerslave
14. Hallowed Be Thy Name

Disc II [Music + Game Setup]

01. Run To The Hills
02. The Clansman
03. Phantom Of The Opera
04. Killers
05. Stranger In A Strange Land
06. Tail Gunner

Disc III [The Game]

Ed Hunter sounds really like a trade operation and I think that it is nothing more than a way for the band to gain some money. It is a 3 cd box: two music cd's and one cd-rom containing the official Iron Maiden videogame. I'm going to review both the music and the game.

Since the Ed Hunter music cd's are a double compilation, it is hard to give a rating, because you?ve got 20 classic pieces and most of them are masterpieces. The tracks are in order of votes made by the fans, who voted via Internet their favourite tunes. I'm not sure about it, since I don's see any Prowler and I do see the ridiculous Tail Gunner?
By the way, there are excellent songs and my rating for the music is 9/10.

The videogame is a first person 3d shooter. The ambientations are based on the cover artworks of Iron Maiden's albums and singles: you can find a road called Acacia Avenue, the egyptian Powerslave ambientation, the burning flames of Hell, the Live After Death graveyard and so on. The music is great. But the game is unplayable: the visual and the main character (which is not Eddie) move automatically and you just have to point the targets and click your mouse. The savegame method is really stressful: you can save your game only if you finish a level without losing any life. It is an awful videogame, so my rating for this is 3/10.

Finally, if you don's care too much about the videogame, go and buy Best Of The Beast or Edward The Great.

Written by The Silent Man | 29.09.2003


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