Fall Of The Leafe - Vantage review


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Band: Fall Of The Leafe
Album: Vantage
Release date: December 2005

01. The Fresco
02. Morning Works
03. But The Ghosts Here
04. In The Silence Of The Sand
05. Off The Map, Under The Sun
06. Receiver
07. The Other Room
08. Ordeal
09. Quiet Citizen
10. Cold Java
11. Discipline And Punish
12. The End Of Harvest

Influenced by many sources

Fall Of The Leafe is not a band name that rings many bells outside Finland, but this outfit has already released four previous albums before this, their fifth effort.
This release, the first under the banner of Firebox Records, tries to mix several rock influences from many different musical periods, from seventies rock, to gothic metal to grunge.

Yes, is a handful of influences, and from a band that played Melodic Death Metal in their beginnings, this is a long way forward and they're quite far from the original idea of the band (unless this album was their original idea).

Anyway, we got an album that tries to mix several styles, the result is a somewhat rock-driven Gothic Metal album, the guitars are heavy but they can be moody some times, vocalist Tuomas Tuominen has a particular voice, he can sound like a grunge vocalist (think Eddie Vedder or the guy from Creed), then he can module his voice to a deep Gothic tone, and then he can sound aggressive with a powerful throat voice.

Even if this variety is more than welcome, songs tend to sound somewhat repetitive, with some exceptions like the powerful opener "The Fresco", the aggressive "In The Silence Of The Sand" or the fantastic instrumental "Discipline And Punish". As for the rest of the songs, don't get me wrong, they're good, but just not that great to be mentioned here.

This will definitively not appeal everybody, I could recommend this to fans of lighter music, fans of Gothic Rock and Metal, and anyone who tries to take a break from the relentless hostility of Metal.

Written by Undercraft | 11.01.2006


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