Twilight Guardians - Sintrade review


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Band: Twilight Guardians
Album: Sintrade
Release date: January 2006

01. Through The Stars
02. Wanderer
03. Skin To Skin
04. Still
05. My Spoiled Reign
06. Never Alone
07. Room Of Shadow And Light
08. Flawless
09. La Isla Bonita [Madonna cover]
10. Inside
11. Last Of My Kind [new version] [Japanese bonus]
12. Land Of The Kings [new version] [Japanese bonus]

La isla bonita, el álbum aburrido

I know that when you're finished reading this review, you're going to think that I hate Power Metal, that I'm not qualified with the necessary objectivity to analyze and review a Power Metal Cd. Let me tell you something kids, there was a time when I was young and I was an avid listener of Power Metal, until I realized most of the new records sounded all alike, all bands sounded like Gamma-Hello-Varius. This paired with the overexposure of the genre in the media, made me realize that I had to lock away my Power Metal Cd's forever.

So, years went by and I landed the gig at Metal Storm, where I knew I would encounter with Power Metal again, yeah, mostly crap, but I had a few nice surprises along the way like Karelia and Twilightning.

Anyway, I remember this band, totally unimpressive Power Metal (which doesn't mean is bad), I got to review their sophomore effort "Wasteland", and while it wasn't a complete waste of my time, it wasn't a remarkable ride either.
So, third album for these Finnish dudes, and after a couple of spins, I can see that my opinion hasn't changed at all, the same uninspired, repetitive Power Metal that has been done a zillion times before, is like they're not even trying!

Ok, vocals have improved a little (I had to listen again their previous album to realize this), the singer seems to have mastered his skill much more this time, he can reach some notes without getting all annoying and cheesy. They seem to have a progressive side now, since their songwriting is more intricate than before, but even that is repetitive.

I think that only reason to pick or download this is to have a good laugh with the band's rendition of Madonna's hit single "La Isla Bonita" Finnish metalheads singing pop hit singles from the eighties in Spanish? That's gotta be worth your money!

Here's my advice, if you're young and just began listening Power Metal, this album could be a nice surprise, although I would go for other choices. If you're old and tired of the repetitiveness of a genre, skip this one, it bears no real interest.
But all the gibberish and ranting for what? It's a good album or a bad one? It just depends on which side are you standing.

Written by Undercraft | 24.02.2006


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