Scorngrain - Cyberwarmachine review


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Band: Scorngrain
Album: Cyberwarmachine
Release date: 2004

01. 24-7 Hell
02. Blank
03. Cyberwarmachine
04. Flesh Means Pain
05. Killing Breed
06. 4-D Religion
07. New Paradise [Bukkake remix version]
08. Dawn Of Hypocrite God
09. No Funeral For The Last

Scorngrain is an atypical band that comes from Finland and their first album "Cyberwarmachine" (2004) is just the living proof of their immense talent and originality. If you like The Kovenant and their "Cyber" Black Metal, I'm sure that you'll enjoy this release where you'll be able to find in addition anger and Thrashy powerful riffs… No doubt this album is an original surprise…

The music of Scorngrain is dark and cold as steel and near of Black Metal without any doubt especially in reason of the style of the vocals. But the principal difference with a band like The Kovenant is that thrashy aspect in the music of Scorngrain. Actually I can even say that this band is the perfect mix between Thrash, Black and evidently Industrial music, because yes, the music of this combo is linked with electronic music.

I'm sure that some of you are already thinking that a band that mixes those three different music is probably silly or just bad inspired but be sure that you're wrong, the nine songs of the album are perfect and this original recipe works perfectly. It's cool because all the songs have a really special power that will remind you the blasts of Thrash Metal but without forgetting the cold ambiances of Black Metal. If you add the electronic bits and numerous "cyber" sounds that you'll be able to find on this release I'm sure that the ones who are a bit open-minded will understand at the end that this kind of music is probably one of the future great successful new style of Metal.

I'm not saying that "Cyberwarmachine" is the album of the century but its nine songs are all well-written, they aren't linear and the perfect recording of the release will give some goof feelings to your ears. On the other hand even if I like this kind of music I must warn you, "Cyberwarmachine" is this kind of album that some people will love when some others will just hate it. It really depend if you like original and inventive music or just like classics…

All the ones who like original music and who aren't afraid by Industrial sound will love this album. This is fresh and new but also catchy and damn powerful so believe me, you should have a look as soon as possible on this release if you don't want to miss one of the best Cyber Metal release of the five last years…

Rating breakdown
Performance: 8
Songwriting: 8
Originality: 10
Production: 8

Written by Jeff | 05.07.2006


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