Agathodaimon - Chapter III review


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Band: Agathodaimon
Album: Chapter III
Release date: 2001

01. An Angel's Funeral
02. Spirit Soldier
03. Paradise Beyond
04. The Ending Of Our Yesterday
05. Past Shadows
06. Yesterday's Reprise
07. Departure
08. Sacred Divinity
09. Burden Of Time

German band Agathodaimon's third release "Chapter III" was as a bullet in the head (surprisingly), to figure among the best German black metal bands. Honestly, I've never been a true fan of Agathodaimon, maybe because of their ridiculous thoughts?No matter the reason I really detestest this band when I first listen to ""Higher Art Of Rebellion" I had been disappointed about that release. I don't know even why but there's something working wrong on it. However, their music should be judged not by their ridiculous thoughts but by the music itself.

Chapter III starts definitively with aggression and crushing guitar riffs as well as clear melodies with a certain 'Cradle Of filth' touch. Many people want to lump Agathodaimon and Cradle in the same box and I completely agree with them, as I saw many common points between Chapter III and Cradle's previous works. But that one is more aggressive, more potent and more eccentric… with it Agathodaimon figures as a top contender. These guys have managed to bury ""Higher Art Of Rebellion" and create a new playful and amazing music, till now I did not point how many instruments were played because the wide number of these instruments is quite unbelievable.

If you like acoustic parts, don't worry you've a very nice song in "Yesterday's Reprise." If you like croaking and clear singing, listen to "Sacred Divinity"… you should love this album because it's composed of very varied songs of melodic/black/gothic metal. Trust me when I say that Chapter III will earn Agathodaimon much more respect in the scene.

Agathodaimon created merely something interesting, I strongly recommend this album to anyone who is interested to hear original and enjoyable music and for every metalhead who had never listened to Agathodaimon.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 10
Songwriting: 9
Originality: 10
Production: 10

Written by Mindheist | 27.07.2006


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