Terrorizer - Darker Days Ahead

01. Inevitable
02. Darker Days Ahead
03. Crematorium
04. Fallout
05. Doomed Forever
06. Mayhem
07. Blind Army
08. Nightmare
09. Legacy Of Brutality
10. Dead Shall Rise
11. Victim Of Greed
12. Ghost Train

A Quickie For You

The first idea was for me to write a really long review about this album, I mean it's Terrorizer's comeback, I was waiting for a brain-crushing session filled with blasting tracks, complex songwriting and overwhelming music…and oh dear crap all I got was this?? So the album did not give me enough material for a long review, so here's what I acquired from it.

This album is one of the most average releases this year, one of the biggest letdowns ever in metal history and a living proof that a lot of money does wrong to comebacks; I'm not even going to talk about David Vincent not being there or about the new vocalist being totally dreadful, mainly because I'll be able to kill the album with the music alone. The whole idea of bringing a really old band (with two of the original members) back to breathe was cool enough indeed, their debut called World Downfall is a classic so why not? Well, I now know that some bands need to stay dead for good. Terrorizer came back with average riffs, half-decent structures and boring songwriting at best.

The music is aggressive, raw and quite brutal no doubt, but I already know more than 900 bands that can offer those exact same things; there's nothing really remarkable in this album except for the re-edition of "Dead Shall Rise" which was originally released in 1989 (that's just very sad once you think of it). In the end, Terrorizer totally lost the battle against bands like Deicide, Suffocation, Unleashed or Vader, their music sound totally loosened and really uninspired, their songwriting sounds aged (in a bad way), the production sounds like mud and the structures could be easily played by any average band that pops into your mind right now.

A wise man recently told me "You can't expect a blasting comeback after 17 years of band's instability"; I wish I had listened to that guy instead of losing 40 minutes of my life listening to this thing. Terrorizer is an awesome band, buy their debut album World Downfall and lets pretend that Darker Days Ahead never existed.

Highly Average!!!

Worst Tracks: "Ghost Train", "Inevitable" (both horrendous fillers), "Nightmare", "Darker Days Ahead".

Performance: 8
Songwriting: 6
Originality: 7
Production: 5

Band profile: Terrorizer
Album: Darker Days Ahead


written by Herzebeth | 20.10.2006


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Herzebeth - 20.10.2006 at 08:39  
I can picture many of you saying I suck and that this album "rooouuuucks", sorry for hurting your Deathgrinding feelings but I seriously think this record was Disappointing

*Wise Man = Ozman (cheers man, nice talk that day)
Fucked Upstairs! - 20.10.2006 at 09:06  
6.4 is way too high.
I was never so disappointed with an album like this one. I was waiting and waiting with high hopes, really high hopes..I mean c'mon it's TERR-O-RIZER! I was blown away and stomped to the ground by World Downfall, but this is fucking utter crap.
Doh - 20.10.2006 at 10:45  
Yes , it is very different than World Downfall , but i don't think it is so bad , it is rather monotonous , but overall good record , voacals are nice too ,I would give 8 pts.
kackbratze - 20.10.2006 at 15:17  
Oh yeah, oh yeah, I totally agree, Herzebeth! World Downfall is among my favourite albums of all time, such a powerful album. Therefore I had high hopes for the comeback record. After some listens I liked it at first, but I didn't REALLY like it, it was rather that I didn't want to accept the disappointment and wanted the disc to be good. But it simply isn't. The few good songs that are re-recorded old Terrorizer songs (like Crematorium) are ruined by the bad production and the ugly vocalist.

I listen to Napalm Death instead when I want a similar style (or just the classic World Downfall).

Herzebeth - 20.10.2006 at 17:50  
Irony it's the best don't you think? For us...being World Downfall the crushing most amazing grinding album that it is...HIGH HOPES ruined this comeback for us lol. Well high hopes and suckiness of the band and the totally shitty vocals.
Dangerboner - 21.10.2006 at 01:13  
I was pretty surprised when I first received this album. I was expecting grind, but what I heard was regular death metal without any guitar solos. It's not a bad album, but definitely not great either.
-MeTaLlIc-OwL- - 21.10.2006 at 07:41  
Damn, I dreamed this album to be awesome, but its crap, Jesse must be angry wherever he is, did he play in this album?
well, i couldnt spect less from Herz, a grinder friend i have said this was crap, and now i know he was right, Im not even gonna bother in listening to it. World Downfall kicks grinding ass! I mean, It Rules!
kackbratze - 21.10.2006 at 12:17  
@-MeTaLlIc-OwL-: Yes, after Jesse left Napalm Death Terrorizer was his main project. The songs aren't all bad, but pail in comparison to his work in Napalm Death. I also think that mainly the crappy production and the fuckining vocalist ruin this album...
Doh - 21.10.2006 at 17:15  
If this album would have been made by any other band than Terrorizer , would you still criticize it so much? I think not.
Fucked Upstairs! - 21.10.2006 at 17:37  
I don't know for Herz, but I would. I was not just disappointed because Terrorizer made this album, I was disappointed in general.
-MeTaLlIc-OwL- - 22.10.2006 at 12:10  
thnx for the data, well, I think that Terrorizer should have done what Herz said, stay dead, and be a cult band.
Herzebeth - 22.10.2006 at 19:21  
Written by Doh on 21.10.2006 at 17:15

If this album would have been made by any other band than Terrorizer , would you still criticize it so much? I think not.

That's a great question...but an easy one at least for me... I didn't rate this album 6.4 for being the band "X" or the band "Y", the rating would have been the same because I rated the music, the songwriting, the performance and all those things...

The review would have been different that's for sure, I would have said somethign like "this guys suck and they are Terrorizer wannabes" lol ..or something like that.

The music in this album is generally speaking "Not Good", add the fact that they used to be great..so they had potential and just didn't use it...so anyway..the answer to your question "would you still criticize it so much?" YES..or maybe more
VMax - 23.10.2006 at 12:04  
This record could be better , but good one anyway.
Southern Wind - 20.12.2006 at 05:17  
you're all a bunch of snobs, "Darker Days Ahead" is a very good album, obscure old-school death metal, uncompromised raw and direct... I won't comapare it with "World Downfall" because I don't consider this to be actually the same band, but Terrorizer came back with one of the best death metal albums of the year... it loses the battle with Suffocation, but beats the shit out of Deicide, Vader and Unleashed.
Big-Al - 02.02.2012 at 11:57  
Ok "Ghost Train", "Inevitable" are a waste of space, which is a shame, but i love the rest of the album!

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