Iron Fire - Revenge review


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Band: Iron Fire
Album: Revenge
Release date: 2006

01. Wings Of Rage
02. Iron Head
03. Metal Messiah
04. Whirlwind Of Doom
05. Savage Prophecy
06. Fate Of Fire
07. Stand As King
08. Brotherhood Of The Brave
09. Alone In The Dark
10. Mindmachine
11. Icecold Arion
12. Break The Spell
13. The Gates Of Cybertron [bonus]
14. Odin's Call [bonus]

During 2006 there was a strong comeback from one of Denmark's finest heavy/power metal acts, Iron Fire! Almost 5 years passed since their previous attempt, "On The Edge", and the band had to face many problems, but Martin Steene never gave up to the cyclon of all the bad circumstances, he tried and tried and, hopefully for us all, the band returned with its third official full-length, "Revenge", and this is actually what this album is, a revenge against all those who tried to bury this band and a revenge against "fate".

Powerful and heavy as metal, this is how Iron Fire sound like, proving that they still have a lot to offer to the scene after a decade of existence. No, they are not just another mellow power metal band from Europe, not one of the many the world is filled with making you sick, what Iron Fire present is straight to your face heavy/power metal that will keep your adrenaline to high levels. "Revenge" will accompany you with 12 well-crafted compositions and 55 minutes of intensity, leaving no option for disappointment if you're into this very scene, i suppose! Every single element of their 3rd work seems to blend wonderfully with all the others and it's pretty much obvious to the listener that the passion of this band for something true and straight from the heart is alive and kicking.

The guitar work is fabulous with the riffing balancing between power metal melody and heavy metal strength, truly, the one great riff comes right after the other without forgetting to burst into inspired solos, with J.J. and Kirk Backarach showing their skills. The rhytm section is always present to lend power and an imposing/epic feeling to the compositions, holding them tight. And last but not least come the vocals of Martin Steene, a really gifted interpreter, pouring his soul into the compositions with his dynamic vocal lines, showing a variety of expression by either sounding more melodic or more powerful, even emotional whenever a ballad comes into play!

The album shows its teeth since its very beginning with the great opener "Wings Of Rage" and then all hell breaks loose with the intense power metal ballads "Savage Prophecy" with the distintive keyboard passages and "Icecold Arion" with its fragile nature, the fabulous acoustic passages and the floating keyboard signs, the heavy as fuck "Metal Messiah", the dynamite "Stand As King", standing bombastic and groovy with pride, the skillful and epic "Brotherhood Of The Brave" and many more!

I didn't listen to many heavy/power metal releases of 2006 and generally, it's been a long time since i last listened seriously to this genre because a change of course to my musical tastes occured, but "Revenge" stroke me down and my instict tells me that it's one of the most interesting releases of this genre for the year that just left us behind.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 9
Songwriting: 9
Originality: 8
Production: 9


Written on 07.01.2007 by "It is myself I have never met, whose face is pasted on the underside of my mind."


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08.01.2007 - 10:24
Have never heard of these guys, but reading this review makes me want to get this CD...

Dreams are made so we don't get bored when we sleep
29.08.2007 - 08:14
Joey Jo Jo
Piece of shit
This band is very stereotypical power metal IMO. But their above average song writing makes up for it very nicely.
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