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Band: Forest Stream
Album: Tears Of Mortal Solitude
Release date: January 2003

01. Autumn Elegy
02. Legend
03. Last Season Purity
04. Snowfall
05. Mel Kor
06. Whole
07. Black Swans
08. Winter Solstice
09. Steps Of Mankind

First of all I want to say that this band has surprised me; I think I've found a very good band here. I haven't heard a lot of Russian bands but I can say that this is one of those great Russian bands that aren't very well known. That's what is happening currently with these unknown bands, they usually are better than the "well-known" bands...

As I say, this is a Russian group that makes a strange mix of Doom, Gothic and Black Metal... but you can be sure that this mix makes an excellent CD. In this country we can find similar bands to this, like Tacit Fury. This CD is also really well-worked; it sounds fantastic. Fans of Opeth or similar bands will enjoy this band.

Forest Stream is an "unknown" band that makes its music successfully. Every band can't make these excellent changes of rhythm that this band makes in this album. We're listening to a slow and depressive guitar, and suddenly we can hear Black Metal vocals, a faster guitar or a precious melody that will relax our five senses. Obviously, in this kind of CD the band doesn't try to make catchy songs, but they must be "enjoyable" or you won't listen to the full CD. I'm sure that some metal fans won't try to listen to this CD because they will say: "this is shit, I won't listen this"... music isn't good or bad, we like it or we don't like it. And talking about this CD... if you don't like this kind of Metal you can't enjoy it, it's impossible.

The music is slow and depressive along all this CD. They use some precious melodies combined with depressive guitars, some very slow drums and guttural Doom/Black Metal vocals. There are some intense moments in the CD, but we won't find a lot. The first one can be found in the third song "Last Season Purity" but it's still a slow and melancholic song.

This is very important: This CD is only for Doom/Gothic metal lovers. If you aren't one of them, DON'T LISTEN TO THIS CD!!

Highlights: "Winter Solstice," "Black Swans," "Last Season Purity"

Rating breakdown
Performance: 9
Songwriting: 9
Originality: 9
Production: 9

Written by hottercraft | 08.03.2007


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Today it was a very cold and rainy day, just one of those days when you feel like doing nothing. I have been sitting at home all day doing nothing but watching all these stupid programs on TV and reading newspapers. Now it's starting to rain even more and you can hear how the rain scratches the window. Today I had bought this new album, Tears of Mortal Solitude by Forest Stream (a pretty new doom-metal band from Russia) but I forgot to listen to it until now. I putted on the album and went away to the kitchen to make myself a warm glass of chocolate-milk. And when I came back, I experienced one of the most beautiful hours in my life….

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Bad English
I agree, sad one of or famous ms user once said Russian doom is bad and solitude productions to, I personally like Russian doom, sad they had hard info, more VK, not FB as mosyt of bands use in the world
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